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  1. Boone wins this game if Jet is out there. He is there best player on both sides of the ball. I have heard he has a broken ankle and possibly done for the season. Anyone know if that's true?
  2. David Lee Roth Sammy Hagar Steven Tyler Ronnie Van Zant Danny Joe Brown Greg Allman Geddy Lee Steve Perry
  3. Already started a separate saving account to go to Italy and Greece. Hopefully in 2 years.
  4. Should be a good one. Dixie won by 1 at Boone. Boone was without their top scorer Borkowski in that game.
  5. Thanks, I did not know he was in DBT either. I seen them with Petty in Cincinnati in 2010 and really liked them a lot. Knew nothing about them when we went to the show, went home and bought some songs the next day. I will check everything out you mentioned.
  6. One of the great things about this site is sometimes hearing about new things. I had never heard of Jason Isbell before, I like all kinds of music, from Van Halen(both Sammy & Dave) to Metallica to James Taylor to old school R&B. I just looked up Jason Isbell and listened to some stuff on his site and actually liked it a lot. It's something a little different to hear than the norm. I will go on itunes and buy a few things. And I'm with you guys, I could not imagine ever not listening to music. It's part of my everyday life.
  7. Boone needs to be in there too, they beat Holmes twice, lost by one to Dixie and lost by one to Cov Cath in the HC tournament. Should be a great tourney.
  8. Aerosmith will be touring this summer no dates announced yet but should be soon. Tickets will go on sale in March.
  9. A totally different sound without Michael Anthony's backing vocals. The song is just ok. I think most of the new album will be all re-worked demos. I know Bullethead and She's the woman are pre-VH 1. These songs could be very good but when you leave out part of the original VH sound(MA) it will not be the same.
  10. I know at 6:40 St. Henry plays New Cath. for 3rd place. And at 8:00 Boone vs. Cov Cath in the championship game.
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