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  1. I feel Coach Stoll will do a good job. He has coached JV and I am sure there have been disappointed parents and players. My experience with NCC is they play to win. No politics involved. They put the 5 best on the floor that will get the job done. I have heard a couple parents complain of favortism but I personally havent encountered it. They complain St Joes and St Therese girls play over all the others. If your good and hustle you will play regardless what school you came from.
  2. So no one really had no idea? Heard he might coach AAU? Maybe just a rumor.
  3. I really hate hearing this news. I am sure whoever steps in will do a good job. Coach Dawn will be greatly missed. A true class act.
  4. Going to have a strong sophmore and junior class. They are also have an incoming junior transferring back that played for them her freshman year. They will compete for the 9th region.
  5. Did you keep stats? I was up to 20 when I quit counting. It is what it is. Good Luck next year.
  6. It wouldnt of been a bad idea. Maybe it would of cut down on Masons Turnovers.
  7. Surprised to see Alivia Bierley only got honorable mention. She deserved better.
  8. Totally agree. Could you imagine if she ran fresh legs in and out, how much better they could of been. That bench is at least a good 5 deep and doesnt take advantage of it. Thursday should be interesting.
  9. Yes we are off the topic but I just wanted to prove a point and I am not even a fan of Bracken.
  10. Mason County Freshman girls is coached by Coach Thompson. He is an excellent and motivational coach. Congrats to them.
  11. I wasnt at that game but at what mark did she go out? From the score, I think if she didnt get hurt the outcome could of been different. BGH you are over the top about your girls. Lets see how the 10th region pans out this year.
  12. NCC will dominate them the next 2 years. Too much talent. Kiernan too much and will only get better with maturity.
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