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  1. [/b] You could say the same thing about CC. They missed quite a bit too.
  2. ...and this is why I will ALWAYS support Campbell County. They build their programs through the youth programs.
  3. Pendleton Co is going to be good for quite some time. They are very young and well coached. Congrats to them.
  4. We must have been watching 2 different games. He never once taunted BBHS girls. He encouraged & coached his kids the whole game.
  5. I still don’t get it but what was explained was CC had to decline the penalty to keep the ball because if CC didn’t then it would offsetting and it would be a replay of the down (Conner’s ball). Due to the fact CC declined it then it was their ball at the spot of the interception then +15 yards because Conner accepted the penalty. I still don’t get it because the penalty occurred AFTER the INT.
  6. Not enough pitching plus I heard their state is moving to single elimination in the next few years. Also, baseball can play at awful city fields with break away fences too. The softball tournament venue is a joke and is not fitting for a state tournament.
  7. No. Hoeh started Friday then Brooks pitched Saturday.
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