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  1. It's been several years since I was in the Atherton gym but I remember it as a nice 60's era facility. What I found interesting were the number of banners hanging for their championship teams... but all were over 20 years old. Almost like it is the school that time forgot.
  2. No pics but I seem to remember it being regulation size. It is the old Catholic school multi-use setup with bleachers on one side and a stage on the other.
  3. I didn't watch or attend the game and have only watched the videos. I'm curious as to which official blew the whistle. I'm assuming it was the male ref who handled the inbound. After handing the ball he backs up further into the back court. That meant that none of the 3 officials were within 30 feet of the play. I believe they were all where they should have been but the distance probably played a factor in the no call.
  4. I say foul, but it's rarely called. I think the philosophy should be... if you would call it in the first half you should call it at the end of the game.
  5. Incredible shooting. The end of the 2nd quarter was just crazy good.
  6. So the target switches from private schools to independent schools. 😉
  7. Agree 100%. Normally the whistle is swallowed there so I credit the refs for making the call and getting it right. The guys on 859 concurred with this opinion btw.
  8. At least 2 more games. They won't have to play Highlands again at regional. Can they beat one of the other district winners? I believe it was Coach Wenderoth who said that at tournament time you needed a good draw, a good call and a good bounce of the ball.
  9. The Mustangs could never get their entire squad together due to injury and quarantine. They had some good games throughout the year. Congrats to Scott and thank you to the Eagle fans for applauding the Brossart seniors in their final game.
  10. Here's the shot. I'm sure UK fans screamed then that it wasn't a foul. 😉
  11. Great list. We can't forget Roger Tieman's U of L teammate, Jack Turner from Newport HS. They went to the final four in 1959 I believe.
  12. If we are talking high school players you have to consider Dicky Beal, Doug Schloemer and Jack Jennings
  13. There were a lot of fouls called in the 2nd half. Both teams were in the double bonus. Four of Schirmer's free throws were a result of technical foul calls against HC players. It got chippy and a lack of discipline and/or maturity was evident. That part is certainly not on the refs.
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