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  1. I read somewhere that he may have had car trouble or run out of gas. Not sure if that was confirmed. Just tragic.
  2. This is a great investment by the school. There seems to be more and more injuries in high school. Hopefully, being proactive in strength training might help to curtail some of those injuries. This would be really helpful in schools with female athletes who seem to suffer more knee injuries than the boys do.
  3. LOL. I thought of Ramsey while I was typing my post. He hates leasing! He also tends to over simplify things. Sure working 3 jobs will get you out of debt. It will also end marriages, alienate your kids, and put you in the ground before your time.
  4. A lease and a traditional car loan have set monthly payments that people can budget for. Lease and loan haters will tell you to save enough to but a car you can pay cash for. Doing that is fine but you can also break that down monthly. Say you save and pay $4800 for a used car and drive it 4 years before it dies. That's $100/mo. Let's say during that time you put $2400 into the car in repairs (tires, brakes, etc). That's another $50/mo that is the cost of ownership. So that used car cost you $150/mo.... pretty cheap transportation. Let's say Kia has a lease deal - $0 and $199/mo for 3 years. The question becomes do you want to drive a new car with full warranty and no repair cost or roll the dice on a used car. If you are ok with a small, base model then leasing is not a bad option.
  5. Comics have been doing that style forever. Don Rickles comes to mind. That said, Rock may have been embolden by Ricky Gervais' performance a few years ago.
  6. I agree. The guy in the expensive suit and nice hair has way more to do with the losses than Higgins.
  7. At times it seems like Kunkel is coaching the team on the court, and that's not a bad thing. The young man has a future if he wants to be a coach.
  8. I believe so. He even said, "it was a GI Jane joke!". I'm not sure he was aware. As someone commented, the joke was more appropriate for a roast or similar venue. To stir it up even more, if Will Smith had this disease and the joke was aimed at him, would there have been a reaction and would we be talking about it? As someone once said, with equal rights comes equal shots.
  9. Come back home to NKY young man. NKU and Horn's matchup zone is a perfect fit.
  10. The Bengals normally stay about $10m below the cap to add players during the season. I think that other than "drop him and pick up him" situations, they are done in free agency. They may surprise us though.
  11. From what I've read, this is a deep class for DB's and DL's who should be available on day 2. I think they target those positions.
  12. I'd say it's more likely that they will trade their 1st rounder for multiple 2nd and 3rd day picks.
  13. I understand getting rid of Suarez, and Sonny Gray never impressed me much... but Winker? I believe he is arbitration eligible but isn't free agent eligible for 2 more years. That tells me that this rebuild is expected to take at least 3 years. There will then be a 2-3 year window to win and after which it starts all over again. Reds baseball... It's fan-tastic!
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