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  1. It's a snowball effect. Once one event, tournament, or convention is cancelled it makes it easier for others to follow suit. And no one wants to be "that person" who fails to act and it results in a death. It's a shame, but it's basketball.
  2. The Big Ten / SEC / and American conferences just cancelled the remainder of their conference tournaments.
  3. Ryle 40 and Letcher 30 after 3. Holtman with 11 for Ryle and Banks with 20 leads Letcher
  4. Vinson was easily the best player on the court tonight. Future is bright for that young man.
  5. Fun Fact: CovCath was undefeated versus 9th region teams that year but was not undefeated against NKY teams. Bishop Brossart defeated them in Alexandria that year and followed that up with a win in Park Hills the following season.
  6. Six pages of grown men arguing about high school basketball. Your glory days are over, gentlemen. Can't you just enjoy watching the games?
  7. 26, 26, and 24 point wins for those keeping score at home.
  8. The Royals were efficient, shooting a high percentage from inside and outside. The Mustangs were able to get to the line, but only hit about half of their FT's. The 10th region is WIDE OPEN!
  9. I believe your days are correct but your dates are wrong.
  10. Does this mean that the 1-10 and 9-12 match-ups will be the late games on Wednesday and Thursday?
  11. Curious how it was financed. Was it all public $$ or was there private funding involved?
  12. I could not agree more. This could have been one of the best high school games I have seen based on the effort of the players and coaches. Instead I left feeling like I had just watched a preseason scrimmage. Making a call on a play under the basket while you are standing on the arc (and your partner is standing feet away from the play and makes no call); the always popular double foul cop out; horribly inconsistent charge/blocking calls. I rarely complain about officiating because I've done it and know how difficult it can be, but this was brutal. The scoreboard reflects that NCC was victorious so lets leave it with my favorite saying... on this night the Breds were better.
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