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  1. Great season for WV with a disappointing finish for sure. Very proud of our team! Keep your heads up young men, you represented your school and community with class. Good luck to South Oldham - very well played game tonight.
  2. Congrats to WV. Nice district win after a big game the previous night!
  3. Alec Poore is the quarterback for Williamsburg.
  4. Congrats to the WV girls on an outstanding effort. After being down 15 at the half it sure looked like it was going to be a long night however they battled, made some shots and got some defensive stops. Being down 4 with 2 minutes to go is all you could have asked for after the halftime score. SK's pressure both offensively and defensively is relentless.
  5. Agreed. Much better team when the scoring is spread out. Senior Gracie Palmer hit two big free throws near the end to help seal the win.
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