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  1. Boone County reaches $3.5M settlement with Samantha Ramsey family Read.
  2. Newspaper article I read in the Enquirer said that he had prescription drugs in him that impaired his ability to act .
  3. She was shot by a cop who was impaired and out of control . . .
  4. Elucidate Oh all knowing one .
  5. If they ever write your biography it should be titled " Gullible's Travels"
  6. If you don't like it volunteer to be poll worker . Until you do quit complaining .
  7. I have doubts about anything WikiLeaks releases . Julian Assange has a severe grudge against Hillary .
  8. Dlbdonn

    Ron Dawn ?

    Played Basketball at NC in the '70s , now the Principal .
  9. Dlbdonn

    Ron Dawn ?

    Possibly a Blood clot on his lungs .
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