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  1. I think with the right staff this kid could be good. I think he deserves a second chance as everyone else does.
  2. What was Coco all fired up about? Beside the win of course.
  3. Got a chance to look at the book, HC recorded 12 ground ball outs. So yes, the Colonels did hit the ball hard, but on the ground.
  4. The Indians make it 14 straight on the arms of Kyle Fuller and Nick Ritter. Fuller goes 4 innings of scoreless ball, Ritter gets the save. The Dixie starter was also impressive, just didn't get the run support.
  5. Glad to see you're posting again. Missed your recap last night, I wasn't able to make it out.
  6. Who pitched for CCH? Severson? I know Nick Ritter started for HC and threw well, and then Kyle Fuller came in and got out of a bases loaded jam. I believe he pitched the rest of the game too. The play at the end of the 7th must of been nuts, great call by HC and Dan Barth. And in the 9th Ritter gets the big hit to drive in two and Connor Callery drives in another to go up 4-1, which apparently they needed because CCH comes up with 2 in the 9th, if I heard correctly off the bat of freshman Grant Schreiver. I was not at the game so if I messed up on anything, correct me. There just wasn't really a recap of what happened? Congrats to HC though, huge win. Good luck to both teams the rest of the year.
  7. Id like to see a bigger sample size, but it is Lance Berkman.. if he is healthy he will probably be productive. Rasmus Pujols Holliday Berkman is a little bit scary if that is the case...
  8. HAHA!! But really, how bad does BYU look in the eyes of the nation. Sheesh, good luck getting recruits...
  9. The Scent of a Woman speech is awesome. Is my favorite of all time along with A Few Good Men ending.
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