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  1. The other teams are not correct, Boone lost to Lafayette, according to Khsaa and the Lafayette website.
  2. LCA is a very good team, there big problem is the district they play in, they finished 5th in the 43rd district this year.
  3. Seven of the top ten teams are from the 7th and 11th regions.
  4. #2 Male lost to #6 Lafayette and #3 Bowling Green: #3 Bowling Green lost to #6 Lafayette and Franklin Co. (others receiving votes): #5 Central Hardin lost to #1 Lex Cath and #7 Eastern.
  5. Unbiased, you need to go back and read my post. I said Trinity SHOULD NOT be in the 25, but at least they play a tough shedule. Cooperstown made some good points in post #8, that I won't repeat but you may want to read again. What other ways should the coaches rate teams? It sounds like you think other teams should be in the top 25, that were left out, Who? Why do they belong? I hope you can back it up, not just because you think they are good. "Good ole boys network" Come on.
  6. I agree that Trinity with a 7-13 record should not be in the top 25 but they have played 9 top 25 teams and 7 of those loses came from top 25 teams. Don't blame the coaches from"down state" for NKY not having ranked teams, blame the NKY coaches for not playing harder schedules. Ryle is one of the few teams that play top 25 teams. (they have 4 loses and only 2 wins) And even the top rated team in NKY, Cov Cath with a 21-1 record, has not played a top 25 team. Thats why they are not rated higher.
  7. The playing surface, (new turf, no dirt at all), Dugouts, restrooms, area around the field including stands, indoor hitting facility, were put in last year. I agree it is sad having to use a temporary metal fence, but considering the right field fence runs along the 30 yard line on the football field, there are not to many other options.
  8. For NCC: Cain 3 innings, Callopy 1, Caudill 1. Lex Cath: Keller 4 2/3, Nauer 1/3. NCC scored their 4 runs in the 5th with 1 hit, 2 walks, 2 errors and 1 wild pitch. A total of 3 hits for the game. Lex Cath had 10 hits, 3 HRs, 3 doubles. 15 to 4 in 5 innings. All 4 runs, both errors and the wild pitch occured with 2 outs in the 5th. Plus Lex Cath never made their 3 outs when the game was called in the 5th.
  9. Lexington Catholic defeats Newport Cenral Catholic 15-4 in 5 innings.
  10. In 1 game, Woodford can beat anyone in the state with Hollon on the mound. But when he is not pitching I'm not sure they can even beat Frankfort, not much chance against the other 8 top 25 teams, in the 11 region.
  11. sorry here is the link: KHSBCA - Kentucky High School Baseball Coaches Association
  12. KHSBCA preseason poll is out, 11th region has 9 teams in the top 25, with Lex Cath at #1.
  13. I didn't see it either, but it sounds like Woodfords great defense had a lot to do with Lex Cath going 5 for 14 from the line.
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