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  1. Looks like Kirby Smart is the frontrunner
  2. Reports coming out that Georgia has let Richt go.
  3. New OC and maybe a new DC. Stoops better do better next season or he will be gone too. Has to be one of the hottest seats in the country going into 2016.
  4. It's time for the Cowboys to look for another option at QB. Romo can't stay healthy and they have a solid line and playmakers who could be a good place for someone to step into.
  5. Time to go get his son Brad on board to guarantee at least 4 more years of Cal.
  6. I'll try to look at the positive, at least we are 8-1. Still can't trust this team in a primetime situation.
  7. Still can't trust this team in primetime.
  8. Sean Lewis - Bowling Green, averaging 585 PPG Sterlin Gilbert - Tulsa, 527 PPG For the record, word is Sonny Dykes wants out at Cal.
  9. Kentucky leads the SEC in interceptions.
  10. Stoops is decent recruiter but he simply isn't ready to be the head man.
  11. HOUSTON - W @Arizona - L ST. LOUIS - W @Cleveland - W PITTSBURGH - W @San Francisco - W @Denver - L BALTIMORE - W 14-2, 1st round bye.
  12. This is the time for a QB change. These next 2 games are the ones people have been pointing towards as the wins to get them to 6. If they lose, they can say it was because of the QB change. You lose either of these next 2 with Pat and if will be bad.
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