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  1. I don't like what Williams did there. If the game is tied, I have no problem with it. But when you are trailing and the other team is letting you score, I think you should score the TD. I know the FG was a chip shot, but I've seen a lot of missed FG's this year.
  2. I get what you are saying Deuce. HHS fans have been spoiled by Dale and all of his great teams. However, I think a lot of the HHS fans on here are frustrated because the current staff does not try some obvious things that may help. I am not saying that HHS would win a state title with the changes but it would probably make the team better...and if didn't, the offense CANNOT be worse than it has been the last two weeks. There just does not seem to be any creativity at all on the offensive side of the ball IMO.
  3. I don't know if it accomplished anything and I am not saying a HS player yelling a bunch of "f" bombs should be acceptable. I just said I heard it happened. Personally, if I was the coach, I would be happy that a senior leader was trying to spark the team but would not condone the language.
  4. It is very important to keep in mind (if I understand this correctly) that the schools are NOT paying any money to the players. The players will be allowed to be paid by OTHER entities for their likeness. So regarding #2 above, the schools will not have any less money to support non-revenue sports. Regarding #4 above, it is a free market thing so I don't think Title IX applies. If a UK male basketball player can command $500,000 in likeness related fees and a female basketball player (or male golfer) cannot, that is not the school's issue since the school is not paying it. At least that is how I read this.
  5. I have not seen any other QB's in NKY this year so I won't disagree with you. I will say that if he is the best QB in NKY, it is a very down year for QB's this year. He is a decent QB but nothing special IMO.
  6. That may be the biggest understatement of the year Deuce:).
  7. Last night was the first HHS game I have seen this year and I have to say that was one of the worst offensive performances I have seen. The first half was just bad football by both teams. I am pretty sure there were seven fumbles recovered by the opposing team (4 by HHS and 3 by Conner) IN THE FIRST HALF. Conner threw a pick so I believe each team had 4 turnovers in the first half...of course on the Conner pick, the HHS DB fumbled the ball right back to Conner after a nice return. I agree with others about Huddy playing on offense. I am not saying he should play every play on offense but he (and probably others) should have some packages designed for him on offense. He is clearly the best athlete on the team and has a HUGE motor so let him help you some on offense. I just seems like a no-brainer to me. You literally cannot do worse than what I saw last night and from what I have heard, last week was even worse. What do you have to lose by trying something different? I also heard from someone in the locker room after the game that Huddy absolutely went off on the team. It was loud and many of the words said contained four letters.
  8. I went last week and made $200 in bets on college and NFL games and basically broke even. Lost the "juice" so ended up with $191. I bet this week on the Pats and Cowboys and laid A LOT of points (22.5 and 21.5 respectively). I think the Jets with a third string QB and the Dolphins are THAT bad. We will see. I also took the Bengals and Bills over 44 points. I could kick myself for not betting Wisconsin -3.5. I really thought they would hammer Michigan but could not pull the trigger on that game for some reason. UGH! I really like being able to bet games locally. It's going to make football season even more enjoyable.
  9. I saw a good one tonight at the Pit (Elder). The game was delayed almost an hour due to Cathedral being in a traffic jam because of a wreck on I-74. It was worth the wait. Elder kicked a FG with less than a minute left in regulation to tie the game at 31 and then won 38-31 as it scored first in OT and then forced a fumble on 3rd down when Cathedral had the ball and recovered it for the win. Neither team led by more than 7 the entire game. Just a very good football game played by two very good teams. Both teams have very big offensive lines (I know Elder has two O-lineman going to D-I schools). Both teams are fun to watch with QB's who can both run and throw.
  10. What a brutal early season schedule for the Camels. Playing HHS and CCH back to back is brutal.
  11. I actually like watching soccer highlights. The players do some incredible things. I just cannot watch an actual match for 1.5 hours to see two phenomenal athletic plays. The highlights are usually great though.
  12. So now he is threatening to kill the mother of his child...what a great guy.
  13. I will never understand why anyone ever gets on a motorcycle. You can do everything right and if someone pulls out in front of you or you run over a bad patch of gravel or something else happens that you have no control over, you are dead or badly injured.
  14. I don't think there is any way he committed suicide. There are ALOT of high profile people who could have been in serious trouble if Epstein started "singing". The biggest of all was Bill Clinton but there are many others as well. I think he was murdered before he could bring others down with him. He was supposedly on suicide watch. If so, wouldn't there be a camera on his cell 24/7? I think the prison authorities looked the other way and let someone do the dirty deed. There are VERY MANY people in the US and around the world VERY HAPPY this guy is dead and cannot talk now.
  15. My only problem with current OT rules are that OT's are too long. I wish OT's were no longer than 2 minutes instead of 5. I would be OK with 1 minute OT's. I just don't see the reason for 5 minute OT's.
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