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  1. Thank you for posting this! Give credit where credit is due....congrats HOLMES Bulldogs and Coach Nevels and staff!
  2. If he wants to play on both sides of the ball, yes! The White Family wouldn’t be the first Bird-Bred family! Ken is referencing the current 8th grade players, this player is a 7th grader.
  3. I do not have the final score for the St. Henry game last night...left the gym early. St. Thomas beat St. Henry in the regular season at NewCath and in the semi-final game of the St. Dominic Tournament. The St. Thomas team starts 3 - 8th graders & 2 - 7th graders...w/7th graders coming off the bench. This should be a very good game.
  4. 7th - St. Pius & IHM won 8th - St. Thomas & St. Henry won
  5. James Pouncy has officiated these games for years...and is one of the BEST in NKY! As mentioned earlier, not a big deal when CCH was coming out on top, now they are getting Pouncy’d. James had players at NewCath, Dixie, Cooper, SK, Scott, to name a few schools 2 - 3 years ago. As mentioned by Mr. Sixer, James coaches the girls team now and has been for a number of years.
  6. I am glad someone finally recognized the contribution #26, Joe Riley Buten, made in this game. Like McGinness, Joe Riley runs with that same intensity and he put that on display last night by gaining 130 plus yards against top ranked CovCath! He is a kid that could get it done on both sides of the ball as a sophomore for the Birds. Congratulations on a great game Joe!
  7. Congratulations Breds and Coach Lickert! One game at a time...Bred4Success!
  8. NewCath 48 - River City Ducks 6
  9. Great hire by U of L! Hopeful Coach Mack extends an offer to Ricardo Johnson that will allow him to remain on staff. Ricardo works hard and is a great young man & role model for the players.
  10. Prayers are with Coach Beard and his family during this most difficult and sad time. I hate to hear this news about Coach Beard...he positively impacted many kids lives during his tenure at Ludlow.
  11. I couldn't imagine the family pulling the sons from NewCath!
  12. I would not understand the reasoning behind Ken Morgan applying for the position @ Campbell with 2 sons playing football at NewCath. I couldn't imagine missing my sons games due to coaching at another high school. Why wouldn't he coach at NewCath?
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