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  1. Is there a list anywhere of games that can be viewed online on a given Friday night? If not, does anybody know of any that will definitely be streamed this evening? Thanks in advance!
  2. I just love me some small school football. Who wins each of these games and why? I realize that we’ll know way more for next week but thought it would be fun to hear your thoughts. Predicted scores are a welcome bonus. My picks in parenthesis. Also, feel free to throw in any other matchups outside of the top 10 that you feel strongly about. There are definitely some sleepers out there. Class 1A Top 10 1. Pikeville vs. #2 Paintsville(Pikeville by 3 td’s) 2. Paintsville at #1 Pikeville(see above) 3. Hazard at 2A Middlesboro(Bulldogs by 10) 4. Raceland at 3A #2 Ashl
  3. Who did they scrimmage? Any other good 1A scrimmages this weekend? It’s an exciting time of year! Can’t wait for the games to get going!
  4. 1. Pikeville 2. Paintsville 3. KCD 4. Newport Central Catholic 5. Raceland 6. Williamsburg 7. Hazard 8. Louisville Holy Cross 9. Crittenden County 10. Bethlehem Others- Sayre, Russellville, Bishop Brossart, Frankfort, Paris, Nicholas County, Pineville, Dayton, Campbellsville, Caverna and Eminence. Did the coaches get it right? Thoughts?
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