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Fab Five on ESPN


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He was right to not participate. Too much to get over.


Excellent documentary.


I have not watched it. But just did some research on Wikipedia, regarding Chris Webber and the "University of Michigan Basketball Scandal". It says that

"The NCAA also ordered Michigan to disassociate itself from Webber until 2012. "

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I liked it a lot. Enjoyed the process that led the five to all sign with Michigan, beginning with Howard's story very much.


Learned a few things about Howard and Rose I didn't know.


Was very impressed with how honest, and actually frank, all the Fab guys were in talking about their time at Michigan. From talking about OSU, Duke, Lattener, Grant Hill, Michigan alums, etc. Each was very forthcoming and articulate in telling us exactly how they felt. That made the show for me.

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Strong quote from Rose at the end......"We were bigger than the scoreboard. Tell me who won the Championship 3 years ago, 5 years ago, tell me who was the starting 5 on the UNC team that beat us in the Championship"........He's right, no one remembers that but anyone who is a fan of college basketball can name the Fab 5 off the top of their head.

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