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  1. From the White Family, Thank You and God Bless. Larry really did care about all of you.
  2. From the White Family, Thank You and God Bless. Larry really did care about all of you.
  3. I gave several verses with the word "Married " that was used in scripture, you referred to one, I asked about the others and waited for a reply on my other verses. But thats OK the verses are there and we can move on if you chose to.
  4. Thats why I went to it, but what about the other times the word was used. It might be a pagan word but its in the bible. I'll wait.
  5. Imagine you know a road is closed but the sign is missing, you see a car coming down the road, do you warn them? You can warn/guide/help someone without passing judgement on them. If I see someone sinning I can help them we all do in times of our lives. Only Jesus can judge but to be fair I have had people pass judgement on me and its not fun, I usually say.."Ok, throw a rock at me". I also have folks help me see a light by pointing out something I might have missed, again we all have that happened at some point in our life. Bottom________ we need to know how to do it in a loving spirited attitude.
  6. Yeah, might be a god thing there watch...ROLL TIDE ROLL roll tide roll, means the same nothin g really lost on it. Sometimes I miss it, but the word gay is used in the song "My Old Kentucky Home" and I'd type it like it is, Talking about a group of folks might use the "Gay"way. I don't think its a big deal.
  7. I answered his/her question back there I thought, but if I missed it or you did I'll be glad to share it again. I do not duck any question I actually wait for them. Also for anyone look at my posts on this subject in the past where I chose not to go to the bible, trouble might be the influence of that book is all over me.
  8. People who are non believers can have an issue about Same Sex Marriage where they are against it. These folks do not go by the teachings of scripture.
  9. I love PINK, on my baby Doll.(Mama) I need to cut my grass or this baby Doll gonna be Mad.
  10. Can't and won't do it, I've answered many questions without going to the bible, but this issue demands the bible's imput. I have gave my thoughts with out using the bible, did you not see them?
  11. This a huge issue right now all over the news. The first time a setting President has macde this claim, but to be fair to him he said this is a personal statement and not to be used as a Federal decision, should be left to the states. I think most Americans have the sacred union between a man and woman as just that sacred. It just so happens the bible is clear about Homosexual activity, where as not many other issues are talked about maybe abortions as this one. You can take the religion aspect out and still have the issue about a man and a woman joining together compared to the other of a man to man. Its still an huge issue without the bible coming into play.
  12. Matthew 22:24:28:30 the word marry is used Romans 7:2 Hebrews 13:4 Matthew 1:18 Mark 12:23 1st Corinthians 7:27/7:33/7:36 Matthew 5:32/19:9 Luke 16:18 1st Timothy 4:3/5:14 Also the word wedding which is the beginning of the marriage is seen several times in the bible the most famous time was the wine miracle. Also a wedding banquet is used as a parabale by Jesus.
  13. I think you can write so much better than me, well stated..
  14. Ok, thats fine, I go with the Bible and show that but you don't like my answer and want to move on, I'm disappointed I thought I did a great job showing you how I do not hide behind my book. But the name calling is not gonna make me dislike you, I've had a first wife...
  15. That is so true, you are not a heathen. (Luke, leave the good side and come on over to my side) But this book governs my home and my thought process. And I will defend my home and my book.
  16. The word comes from God, he created man and then a helper for a man, this is a Marriage. I have to defend this. I have writtten over 20 letters to the local paper and have been published even though they called me and saidIi use to many bible verse (sound familar) and they will edit them out, talking about hiding... We as christians have to defend the bible and the concepts from the bible, abortions, is another one, and when the leader of my nation goes against God its a moral issue that worries me about my nation and the future of it. Being Gay is a Sin. God's word takes a stand and we need to take a stand, we have turned a blind eye and deaf ear far too long, we need to take a stand, we cannot pick and choose the bible. There are 32 states who agree with me. 20 years ago this wouldn't be talked about, why is now changed did God change, did the bible go away? The bible talks about judgement, and Sin. God destroyed cities due to this Sin. Out dated book, too old, lets change it and let Gay life style be OK now, who changed this, Homosexual activity was rampart in the Old testament, and still is today. I thinki ts sad day for America, the most talked about issue right now is what? And why is that? I love people and want them to live the code set out by God and to love God and believe the bible, there is no joy in what the president said...I am shocked he is the first sitting president to do this, why is that?
  17. Nice comment, but I disagree, I have said give them their rights, their benefits, but its still an issue as a huge Sin, this needs to be addressed, we are talking about a lifetime commitment here. And in my book (bible) an eternty issue.
  18. Show me where I'm hiding..I'll wait. This is gonna be a blast.
  19. Do not marry pagans Deuteronomy 7:3:4 Man and woma become one Genesis 2:25:25 Paul on Marriage 1st Corinthians 7:2:4 I looked up the wword a long time ago and Websters said "an union between a man and a woman", and the bible explains it that way. The word comes from God and how important the word is, he made man and man needed a helpmate, and we got a woman who came from man. Its just doesn't fit for same sex and marriage.
  20. Dealing the same as a nonbeliever deals with me on a site compared to face to face. I'll point out scripture showing where they are in Sin using the bible as my guide. The bible tell us to warn others of their Sin, we will be blessed in doing just that, if we refuse to do this their blood will be on our hands. and thats a Sin on me. Dealing with me to help them into heaven.
  21. Was this meant for me about Bill & Bob hooking up? If so I thought I have answered this, I don't care if two men/women want to have a life with each other, and wanting to help with the benefits so be it, but my issue is with the word marriage, it comes as an instutition from God and shouldn't be changed. I even answered the question abougt me being OK with a Gay person as a teacher/leader/coach for my kid and I said it would be OK. I guess you and your roadie missed that. But I have written this a lot the last two days, if your question was not for me Nevermind.
  22. I'll say it again, they can be together, I don't is them wanting to use the word marriage. It is in the Bible and I have to respect that, if you other folks don't care or the word doesn't bother you, thats fine. If y'all don't want me to quote the Bible and your reasons don't make sense...then go to the Cats Pause/Cardsports.com and hang out, I will not change from using the Bible as my guide.
  23. Yes, you are in a false religion if you don't do and teach what the bible says, don't get upset with me, get upset with Jesus. They are many false teachers out there. You need to follow hat the bible teaches. Here read this Ezekiel 3:18, it says we are to be a warning to each other, if we point out their Sin we are blessed even if they keep sinning, IF we don't point out their SIN, THEIR BLOOD is on our hands. I can hit this keyboard just as hard as you. Give me the address and have you Preacher contact me, I'll be glad to meet up with him and the Elders/deacons. I'm not lip service I act. And you don't even know what religion I am in your statement. You don't like I write avoid me. And did I refer to your Church as a False one? I didn't intend to.
  24. Good question, we are free to vote our choice, but a true Christian who votes for a man who is for Same Sex Marriage" will need to read Matthew 7:13 until the end of the chapter. I'll help, the gate to heaven is narrow but the road to destruction is broad. Jesus also said to some..Go away from me I didn't know you.
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