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  1. Ballard and Hopkinsville will play eachother at Ballard this Saturday. Varsity game will be from 12-2.
  2. Not true anymore. Rules changed last year. You can play in as many All-Star games as you want or school wil let you.
  3. 3 thoughts....... 1) Need to have the game in April with the rest of the All-Star games. Instead of locking the kids down for a whole week, have a couple weekend mini camps. More and more kids are required to report to college early now and attend summer school. A lot different now than it used to be. 2) The guys in college already are going through individuals, weightlifting & conditioning, as well as playing pickup every afternoon. I wouldn't worry too much about them getting up and down the court. What I would worry about is how much they do Friday morning before the game. I know last year Willis and Hawkins were gassed when they got to the game and played horrible Friday night because they had already been through an individual and a weightlifting session before going to the game. 3) When Edwards and McGraw didn't show up for the mini camp, my first calls would have been to Bach and Hatton. I don't think there is a 2G on the team.
  4. If it's his shoulder, it pops out all the time and he puts it back himself like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Was told to have surgery on it over a year ago, but doesn't want to miss any games.
  5. Shane Hall was not on the list they handed out at tryouts with everyone's jersey number. That's why I thought he may have opted out. I was really looking forward to Gilbert playing. Never hurts to have a good amount of knock down shooters to spread a defense.
  6. Shane Hall wasn't on the Tryout list. Trent Gilbert didn't tryout. Two guys who would make a difference IMO. Troy Steward from Fleming County looked really good. Kid from Warren Central stood out too, can't remember his name though. A lot of kids said they were tired from KY-Ohio game.
  7. From what I understand, there were two votes, one in late December to get the Finalists, and another late February to get the winner. All votes came from coaches only this year.
  8. Martin Finished his career with over 2100 points, 3rd all time at Ballard behind Snider and Houston. Snider finished with over 2600 points and 700 assists (2441 and 623 in 4 years at Ballard, both school records) the rest were from an 8th grade year at Fern Creek. They never got the coveted state title though. Shows how hard it is to win it and to get out of the 7th region. If Trinity wins it again, that's a major statement to have it twice in 3 years.
  9. First quarter 3 point barrage was HUGE for Trinity. I think they hit 5 including one at the buzzer. 3 by Ramser then 2 by Levitch. Score at the end of the 1st was 23-17 Trinity. After that it was Ballard 41-36. Two biggest plays of the game were the missed alley-oop in the 4th by Martin which would have given Ballard an 8 point lead, then Ramser comes down off a pick and no one hedges and gives him yet another wide open three that he buried. That kid shot the ball very well last night and was a big difference.
  10. Great win for Trinity. Courier-Journal Write up.......... http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20140311/SPORTS05/303110150/Trinity-makes-third-shot-count-beats-Ballard-59-58-Seventh-Region-final?nclick_check=1
  11. Per Twitter Ballard and Trinity have both sold out of ticket allotment for schools.. Tickets still available at the door but I would get there early. Sold out last year. Atmosphere will be crazy
  12. Ballard - Martin 21, Snider 18 & 6 Assists, Robinson 14 Male - Scott 20, Parker 15 & 11 Rebounds After delivering a strong body blow in the first quarter, the Ballard High School boys’ basketball team saved its knockout punch for the third. The Bruins jumped to a 22-2 lead, saw Male pull within two points early in the third quarter and then put the game away with a 20-2 run in a 77-53 victory in a Seventh Region Tournament semifinal on Sunday at Valley. http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20140309/SPORTS05/303090052/1031/sports/Ballard-finishes-off-Male-20-2-run-Seven-Region-basketball-semifinal
  13. PRP wins playing off of Coach Mabrey's emotions for Kerry Benson. He was very upset on the news this week, barley could talk without breaking down.
  14. Jackson is playing outstanding right now. If he stays out of foul trouble, then give me Lafayette. If he gets in foul trouble and Jordan Green has a good shooting night, could be a doozy.
  15. Corey Douglas is all most at full strength for Ballard now also. Had 10 and 13 points respectively in last two games. Will definitely help down the stretch.
  16. All 7th Region opening games have been moved to Wednesday, Semifinals are Sunday, and Championship is still set for next Tuesday
  17. Jordan Green is one of the best players in KY. If he decides to live up to it down the stretch, look out!!!
  18. Steve is an awesome guy! One of my favorite high school coaches.
  19. Basketball is all about matchups. Raymond Spalding is a matchup problem. Hard to beat a team 3 times.
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