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Bengals wearing Black jerseys for Home Monday night Opener

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I thought they usually didnt play good with the orange jerseys either? I know they didnt when they first started to wear them like twice a year or something like that.



When they are wearning black on black, losses occur and 'sometimes' something else happens on top of it. Some of these games come to mind:


2005 Playoffs: Loss against Pitt. and Palmer Goes down


2005 Week 5: Loss to Jacksonville


2004 Week 13?: Loss to Indianapolis (Still a good game though)


2003 Week 16: Loss to Cleveland


There are plenty more as well, but these just stand out in my mind.

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Do they have a bad record wearing black on black? If not, and you're just saying it looks bad, then I disagree. I love black on black. It looks SWEET.



I agree. Regardless of their record, I really like the black on black.

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