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  1. I wouldn't worry about the number (quantity) as much as who they are going to and how they look. Are each of them accompanied by a cover letter? Keep your head up, there are still a lot of companies hiring and looking for good quality people.
  2. I tried Basil a few months ago and loved it. So I second your thought.
  3. I have found that most jobs are found through networking and not posting on Monster or theladders. So true........most placement firms will tell you that 80% of all jobs are landed by networking. Sounds like you have developed contacts through out your career so continue to tap into them. Good Luck!
  4. Had my right hernia repaired while in college, Just had my left repaired last week. Healing just fine. Not too much pain, went off the pain meds that evening.
  5. I'm in Banking and like to feel I know a little about what's going around. It's no secret that Nat City is in trouble. I do know of a couple of different organizations that have pulled their money out and it totalled millions. (all within the last few days.) Currently their stock is at 1.85 or up around $.49 today.
  6. XM for me, and I love it. I have the kind that I can take out of my vehicle and place into the cradle that I have in my office.
  7. Morning- Always Evening usually hot tub, but sometimes shower.
  8. Finishing 6th in Ohio Track and Field Running a 4:09 mile in college Scoring 39 points in a city league game
  9. Yes and I had some good SAE friends.
  10. I second the MSU nod, but I'm partial to Delta Tau Delta :thumb:
  11. I just ordered a tilt phone from work, any one have any feedback?
  12. Had both rotators repaired, I know yours is different, but it still no fun.
  13. My 4 year old loved to watch that dog when we would go down to the games.
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