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  1. Just thought I would share that amazon has all of their kindles marked down for black Friday right now. The basic kindle is only $49
  2. 46-45? Sounds like a 9th region basketball score.
  3. Casino's would bring many jobs, I think they would be worth it just by the amount of new jobs it would bring.
  4. When does the 5 come out? Im due for a new phone in October.
  5. Im all for things like this, not reason to baby them.
  6. Miss St first half was the only bet I would have considered last night.
  7. What did Teague do to get a T and was it the right call? I didnt see what he did to get one.
  8. Hoping Renardo Sidney plays a lot tonight, if so Cats will have a lot of 5 on 4 opportunities as his fat lazy butt walks up and down the court.
  9. I think UK pulls away in 2nd half and wins by double digits. MSU is a bad second half team and from what Ive seen of them lately they just aren't that good period.
  10. This show makes me wish I had HBO. Love Kenny Powers.
  11. Unless a fan is throwing stuff on the court or doing something to disrupt the game I dont see how any official should have the power to eject a fan from the game.
  12. That was pretty funny, dude might want to cut back on the sauce just a tad tho.
  13. Wasn't impressed with the cats today. Pretty sure Im getting very spoiled tho.
  14. Won by 15 but I was not impressed with the cats today.
  15. Ole Miss should have just saved everyone some time and stayed home. Cats could have gotten the whole week off.
  16. They have a very nice team, could make a nice run in the dance.
  17. To top it all off I had philly -3.5 who lead by 13 at half and they proceed to only score 24 points the ENTIRE 2nd half. Im pretty sure anyone who is up money in NBA this season is a pure luck box.
  18. Jesus freakin christ I give up. Last night Portland leads the entire game but only score 11pts in the 4th and doesnt cover by a point. Tonight I have the bucks +7.5 and they are up 8 with 6 minutes left and lose by 9 and they only score 11 in the 4th quarter. N. Iowa +6 and its a super close game all the way and lose by 9.
  19. Took Michigan St and under so far. Will be on the Trailblazers late.
  20. Nuggets are better than a Turkey sandwich? Man Ive been doing it wrong.
  21. Melo will kill all the buzz when he returns later this week.
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