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  1. If he hadn't just gotten out of rehab months ago this wouldn't even be an issue.
  2. This year is going to be fun. Next year is going to be more fun. I wanna kiss Cal.
  3. Man, I want Malik Monk to join this class really bad. They'll create hours worth of highlight reels.
  4. It doesn't sound like Glenn asking for help. Sounds like Aaron, his boyfriend, or the guy that stole his cross bow. It's certainly not Rick.
  5. Correction: Peyton will not be 100% come week 15.
  6. Peyton's arm will easily be shot in week 15 just like it was shot at about weeks 13 or 14 last year.
  7. I kind of want Morgan to die and I don't know why.
  8. Had a conversation with my girlfriend about Apple Pay the other day. I'll preface by mentioning neither one of us use it, even though it's readily available on our phones. Conclusion: Women will eventually love it, as they don't have to dig through their purses and hundreds of credit/gift cards to find their preferred card. Men will be resistant, as it is much easier to pull out a wallet where each and every one of us men have our most preferred payment method in the most convenient and most accessible slot in our wallets/money clips and swipe.
  9. While it sounds all nice and dandy to eliminate all of the morons who use heroin, think about all of the children that would be left with no family if you immediately killed off hundreds or thousands of moms and dads. I'm sure UKMF will tell us they'd be better off under someone else's supervision, but it's just not always the case. Some are loving parents who made dumb decisions in their past. I have been assigned hundreds of patients over the past year or so with heroin addictions (mainly those that have endocarditis due to IV drug use) and I can tell you not all of them deserve to be left to die.
  10. Hope he chooses the Cats! :ylsuper: GO GET 'EM STOOP-DAWG!
  11. I think it's hysterical that anyone would claim that hit was dirty. Are you blind? Grabbing the guy from the waste/thighs, and dragging him down as he was heading for a 1st down is dirty? Get a freaking clue.
  12. I am still holding out hope that Glenn is alive. I don't know how...but I'm still hopeful.
  13. UK being #7 has a lot to do with them only having one loss to the undefeated (and overrated) Gators.
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