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  1. Per AD Jim Conway. Congrats to Coach Tackett.
  2. From Mark Maynard. TOMCATS SINK LYON COUNTY WITH 3-POINT BARRAGE Ashland overcame a slow start by blistering the 3-point line in the second half to defeat Lyon County 87-81 Saturday night in the opening round of the King of the Bluegrass at Fairdale High School. The Tomcats rained in key 3-pointers in the fourth quarter – two from Cole Villers and another from Ethan Sellars - that put them ahead 79-75. Ashland trailed 38-20 at one point in the first half but warmed up from long distance in the second half, making 15 of 21 from behind the arc. The Tomcats hit 18 of 39 3-pointers for the game. Ashland outscored Lyon County by an astounding 37-28 in the fourth quarter. Colin Porter made four free throws and Sellars scored four points in the last three minutes to secure the win and a date in the quarterfinals with Louisville Male on Sunday night at 9. Both teams are 5-2. Lyon County shot 48.1 percent in the loss as high-scoring Travis Perry scored 32. Four scored in double figures for Ashland led by Sellars with 25 points. Villers scored 24, Porter collected 19 points and 12 assists and Zander Carter had a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds. The Tomcats starting five played all 16 minutes of the second half.
  3. I heard Love just retired from school and has to be away for 3 months for his retirement and then he will be rehired as the HFC
  4. Colt Phelps is another possibility I would think. He was Ashland’s OC and left after the 2020 season to become head coach at Green County. He led them to a 11-2 record this year.
  5. From Mark Maynard WOW!!! Final score of Ashland 90, North Gwinnett 77 in Marshall County Hoopfest. Tomcats trailed by a dozen early, rallied to lead 36-35 at halftime on Ethan Sellars' buzzer-beater and then needed to outscored talented North Gwinnett 28-14 in a runaway fourth quarter. INCREDIBLE VICTORY!!! This team from Georgia was mega-talented but few teams play harder than the Tomcats, who forced plenty of turnovers (13 steals). It was like they had extra players on the floor. Sellars was named Player of the Game after scoring 34. Ashland was 9 of 30 from 3-point range and 19 of 23 free throws. Four in double figures: Zander Carter 16, Cole Villers 14 (all in second half), Colin Porter 15 and Sellars with the 34. "We just gutted that out," said Tomcat coach Jason Mays in a postgame interview with Dicky Martin. "We refused to lose. We deserved to win the game but no way we should win that game." Ashland plays Ballard Saturday night at 8:30.
  6. Sellars 34, Carter 16, Porter 15, Villars 14, Atkins 7, Adkins 4
  7. Very nice win. And to be perfectly honest Ashland didn’t play very well at all in the first half. Ethan Sellars kept them in the game in the 1st half
  8. I haven’t heard a thing. I kinda figured he’d stick around to become Ashland’s All Time Winningest Coach, but you never know.
  9. Final from E-town Ashland 86 E-town 60 Villers 30 Sellers 20 Porter 19
  10. They’re kids. I root for the all the local schools and kids whenever they play kids from other areas. To each their own however. You’re welcome to cheer for or against whomever you want.
  11. And there it is. That is the answer I was looking for. Lol. You hate Ashland and you just assumed/hoped there was no way Ashland could beat their A team.
  12. Did you just assume Ashland played the JV team?
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