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  1. Yes, we should totally restrict school age kids because it makes it difficult for adults to follow recruiting for their favorite sports team.
  2. He's been off since 2/3. 11/14-12/7: 14 of 39 (36%) 12/13-1/31: 25 of 38 (66%) 2/3-3/19: 15 of 51 (29%) I'd love to see that January form again.
  3. Didn't take long for this one to become the old news. Fun tournament so far!
  4. Why are there any less than other conferences? It also applies to football if you think the SEC doesn't have enough good basketball teams to warrant court storming.
  5. Honestly, the best way to handle it is to direct the rush instead of trying to stop it. Create an easy path for students to get to the center of the court. 99.9% of fans interacting with opposing players is purely coincidental. The fans aren't seeking out the players.
  6. I'm one of the few that used to enjoy BK doing games (prior to his Vandy/shot clock incident). He stuck to discussing the game he was watching, and had good insight into the game.
  7. I think he is a great guy. I'm less high on his actual commentating. He frequently spends little to no time talking about the game he is actually attending. He is also easily (over)excitable, and not necessarily the most insightful. I watched the replay of the Mardi Gras Miracle last weekend. Even with UK down a million points, the announcers were still talking about the game. These days they would have been talking about anything but.
  8. Honestly, I'd love to see every game called like that. IIRC, that is what they tried to do across the board at the start of last season. I hate how ugly it makes the games, but if they called it consistent, eventually teams would have to change. Too many games where people just hack each other to pieces.
  9. UVA's scare at VT cost them! Kentucky now with a commanding 0.0039 lead! UK - .9845 UVA - .9806
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