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    Mark "Bo" Pelini was born 6 weeks premature. He designed a blitz to help him escape from his mother's uterus early.


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  1. Just thought I would share that amazon has all of their kindles marked down for black Friday right now. The basic kindle is only $49
  2. 46-45? Sounds like a 9th region basketball score.
  3. Casino's would bring many jobs, I think they would be worth it just by the amount of new jobs it would bring.
  4. When does the 5 come out? Im due for a new phone in October.
  5. Im all for things like this, not reason to baby them.
  6. Miss St first half was the only bet I would have considered last night.
  7. What did Teague do to get a T and was it the right call? I didnt see what he did to get one.
  8. Hoping Renardo Sidney plays a lot tonight, if so Cats will have a lot of 5 on 4 opportunities as his fat lazy butt walks up and down the court.
  9. I think UK pulls away in 2nd half and wins by double digits. MSU is a bad second half team and from what Ive seen of them lately they just aren't that good period.
  10. This show makes me wish I had HBO. Love Kenny Powers.
  11. Unless a fan is throwing stuff on the court or doing something to disrupt the game I dont see how any official should have the power to eject a fan from the game.
  12. That was pretty funny, dude might want to cut back on the sauce just a tad tho.
  13. Wasn't impressed with the cats today. Pretty sure Im getting very spoiled tho.
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