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  1. Prayers for your girlfriend and her cousin.
  2. What we all need to remember is that it is not Kentucky it is the Kentucky Republican Party. Richard Williams and the rest of the "Posse" ar the morons that are against it. If you want it in get rid of Dick Williams he is a loser and will continue to ruin the State of Kentucky.
  3. Prayers for you and the Mrs. and the rest of the family.
  4. I think all black uniforms with the blue helmets would be an awesome look.
  5. I am a Scott Co fan first and foremost. But McKee was whining the whole game. I am sorry but I thought if it was touched by the returning team even if it is muffed it could still be advanced. The officials did signal a touchdown.
  6. I was there last night the Generals had control of the game and moved the ball at will in the first half. Scott Co. looked horrible in the first half. Lafayette got it handed to them in the second quarter too. They punted and the Scott Co. return man let the ball go through his hand ( touching him) and the Generals picked it up and ran it on for a touchdown, and McKee cried so much they put the ball back on the 23 yard line and took the score away from Lafayette. Scott county held the drive and Lafayette had the kicker hit the snapper in the butt on the field goal attempt.
  7. Come on Ryan thats sounds like what another neighboring school the wears maroon would do.
  8. Bring in Newton and get him ready for next year. Then you redshirt Moosakowski this year and have 2 ready QB's for next year. You put Cobb in you take away your playmaker. You have to play Newton he is the NOW quarterback. Moss may leave in a couple years anyways for MLB. Will Fidler is another Hartline and should NOT be allowed on the field.
  9. I know but remember the Boyle County whining Matney threw out.
  10. I think Ashland by whatever they want and then Coach Matney will ask to have Ashland taken off his schedule. Since he doesn't like to be beaten bad. I hope Ashland beats them worse than Boyle County did.
  11. Left and I agree it is the only answer that is correct.
  12. But you take Kalin from wide receiver and then you lose your best at that position and there goes your passing game. I truely feel they made the right choice in going with Lewis.
  13. If you would have watched more about this they don't want the permanant missle shields, but want to place more mobile shields. They still want to keep them but use a different kind. I saw it this morning on one of the news channels. As far as worst president that honor was already taken from Carter by Lil George Bush.
  14. Yee Haw I can't wait to see what my kids get for Christmas. Better yet I can't wait till I see what I get.:D
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