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  1. You're argument doesn't stand on its own. You say he could shoot because they shot. No one was shooting anything the second time he came out and started trying to kill them.
  2. No one was shooting anything the second time he started shooting. So what justified the second round? I dont know why the police fired pepper balls. It doesn't matter though to me. He can't defend minor property damage with deadly force.
  3. Again, the pepper gun does not sound anything like a real gun. Also, again, i didn't have the advantage of being there. I can't hear anything, I can't look around. I dont hear what people are saying. 4 camera angles? I feel like I've only seen 2, maybe I'm mistaken. One inside, one outside. What, in your opinion, justified him shooting a second time? I don't feel like you've said.
  4. I'm not playing that game because it never happened. That's it. Police were justified based on what I've seen, to defend themselves and others from someone shooting into a crowded area. It's hard for me to see ON VIDEO the large group of police. I wasn't there. You realize that makes a difference, right? I can't hear anything and have one camera angle. Still waiting, what justification did he have to shoot a second time? He stopped. They stopped shooting their paintball gun that sounds nothing like a real gun, he started shooting again. That is justified to you?
  5. I'm not playing your hypothetical game. That isn't what happened. Police were called to that area to disperse crowds. It's hard to tell how many police are there and it's hard to tell how many civilians are there. I dont know what was said or happened, there is no audio and only one camera angle. Police are allowed to use pepper balls to disperse crowds, but again, I don't know why they shot them at this crowd. Regardless, it didn't justify his actions. He made a stupid decision I wouldn't recommend anyone make. He made an even worse decision coming back for a second shot at police when they were not doing anything at all. You think that was a good idea, or the right thing to do?
  6. There was a large group of police and National Guard outside. You think no one knew who they were? Just stop. Didn't you initially say there was no gun and all he had was tongs? Why does it matter who they are? You apparently think a couple pepper balls equals a death sentence regardless of who did it.
  7. I dont know why they were there or why they shot pepper balls but it doesn't justify trying to kill them. Yea I am most definitely saying he shouldn't have shot a gun at police and National Guard to defend his family from possibly a little uncomfortable burning. He would be alive today if he didn't do that. I think he'd be alive if he didn't come out shooting a second time. Should business owners be able to kill looters?
  8. A pepper ball gun sounds nothing like a real gun. Not even close. He was in the commission of a crime. He was shooting wildly into the street at police, national guard and any innocent bystanders. That's several crimes. I dont know why police shot pepper balls and you don't either. You don't know what exactly happened based on one view from outside. Law enforcement fired their guns the second time he shot at them. What excuse can you make for him trying to kill them the second time? Everyone has retreated and took cover and were no longer shooting anything. I would bet everyone that ran inside knew who was there and what they were doing. You think none of them said who or what was going on while they were coming in?
  9. I don't know why they shot non lethal pepper balls but that doesn't give anyone an excuse to try and murder them, even if they were initially wrong. Never mind the fact that they stopped and he came out to shoot a second time. So one or two misplaced pepper balls = a death sentence in your opinion? You are OK with him killing police and National Guard over something that burns a little? Are you saying you think business owners should be allowed to kill looters then?
  10. Let's say police fired pepper balls at his business first. That may be true. It isn't justification to kill them, national guard or innocent people around. He responded with gunfire. Police stopped shooting pepper balls and took cover along with the national guard. He started shooting again. Why did he do that? They stopped shooting pepper balls and had not fired a single round of gunfire at him.
  11. They said today police or national guard did not fire anything but pepper balls until Mcatee came to the door shooting, at which time they retreated and took cover. He came back for a second round, and that is when they returned fire.
  12. Are you okay with him firing wildly into the streets towards police, National guard and possibly others?
  13. David McAtee shot dead by National Guard officer, not an LMPD officer, state investigators say
  14. Is it not part of the entire problem that someone possibly called on Arbery but not other people that did the same thing?
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