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  1. His blood alcohol level was 0.051 and not 0.51 according to court papers filed the other day. Still considered a DUI though since he is underage.
  2. Good post. To piggy back off this, the law says that prescribers are supposed to run a KASPER on every patient before writing for a control and most do abide by this practice but plenty do not. On the pharmacy side, we are not legally required to run one but most do if they suspect something or if they are a completely and unknown patient. Kroger has their own report that pulls from KASPER and other states they operate in which saves us time to look at the info. Depending on the dose or other meds they are on, Kroger requires it’s pharmacist to look at the report before processing the script. However each state operates their own KASPER-like controlled medication reports and the downfall of many of these is that they don’t communicate with one another which could be a potential abuse point for areas on state borders as they could fill the same script on both sides at different pharmacies and pharmacy’s wouldn’t know. That being said, there are red flags we may identify like patient requesting to pay cash, etc that may catch our attention and we may deny their fill.
  3. I can’t speak for Walgreens but at Kroger the pharmacy gets an email from Kroger when they are approaching their set limits on a range of opioid medications. The limit in question isn’t an actual limit but one set internally by Kroger for the store based on their prescription volume and what they reasonably think they can fill. The limit set is for the month and the pharmacy in question gets an email saying they are approaching it. No Kroger pharmacy I know of has ever went over their limit but I’ve been told if you do it gets messy as you have a bunch of paperwork, legal stuff, and reporting to the DEA among other things. My pharmacy has gotten maybe 2 or 3 emails in the 3 years I’ve worked there that we are approaching the limit. The whole purpose of the internal limit is to protecting the pharmacy and the wholesaler so we aren’t accused of this exact thing that Walgreens is accused of. I have no idea if Walgreens has any internal checks in place that would have prevented this sort of thing or if the prosecutor is just fishing.
  4. I just don’t see this happening as if something of its like does get passed I think it will get challenged in the courts and thrown out.
  5. If we judged all coaches by people like Tony Bennett every coach in the country would be considered angry and bitter old men. Bennett is the exception, not the rule.
  6. Give him some slack as he is human. Many people in his shoes would be extremely emotional after a game like that. I’m sure you have overreacted in situations where you wish you could have it back. If he was asked this question tomorrow instead of minutes after the game I’m sure he would have been able to give a calm and more collective response. He is human like the rest of us.
  7. This happens to me as well on my iPad however it’s only on a select few websites that I visit and unfortunately BGP is one of them. BGP isn’t the only website being affected this. Makes me wonder if it’s a virus of some sort on our iPads picked up from somewhere and it only presents itself on websites that may allow pop-up/redirects like that? Unsure on the latter part as I’m unfamiliar with those types of things. I get the same problem (a lot) from a Manchester United forum I frequent.
  8. Video of Grayson Allen’s hip check... you be the judge. Backside angle: Twitter Frontside angle: Twitter
  9. Appears that Grayson Allen had another one of his “moments” again. I understand he is under a microscope but he has done nothing to help his cause. He is simply a dirty player IMO.
  10. For context, Scott is 0-2 vs. Campbell County this year losing 73-84 @ Campbell in district play and then again 57-58 in the 37th district finals @ Campbell County Middle School.
  11. I’d actually like him as well however I don’t think things would be a smooth transition if he was hired after Cal. If we can’t get the previous three I mentioned he would be by #1 target.
  12. My top two preferences would be either Brad Stevens or Jay Wright but it’s probably next to impossible to pull them away from their current situations. After them, Billy Donovan is the ideal choice IMO for many reasons. After that there are plenty of other good options but nothing truly stands out who I would think would be a no brainer. To echo what others have said, it will be difficult to follow Cal but if one could I think the 3 I mentioned could do it. However, only one of those options is truly realistic.
  13. Morehead looks like have gotten around 4 inches and it’s still coming down.
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