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  1. Well I cheated on you guys and got in a different dead pool. 10 players each drafting a living person until we had 5 each, no duplicate names on the list. I ended up with; Keith Richards 74 Lou Henson 86 Val Kilmer 58 Olivia Newton John 70 ( I had no idea she was that old) Buzz Aldrin 88 First round and number one over all pick =Bill Cosby! Other notables; Russel Brand, Jerry Sandusky, John Madden, Pete Rose, charlie sheen, Bob Huggins, and Macaulay Culkin.
  2. TAC


    Nah, I’m sure it was standard MC D issue.
  3. TAC


    Hate to hear that it wasn't as tasty as you remembered. I'm still going to have to try one.
  4. We ended up with 3 trick or treaters last evening. A neighbor who had twins last year and wanted to meet everyone. Actually first time I met her. And a neighbors son, brought over his 1.5 year old. I had joked with a neighbor in he morning that since we had 3 new grand parents on the street and the twins, our door bell just might ring. No car pools showed up to my knowledge as our street is very hard for the kids to work. Houses sit far off the street and it is rather hilly. I didn't have any candy here, but lets say the kids scored some nice toys.
  5. They don't come around for the candy, they come around to showcase their little ones. Mentioned to a neighbor that we could have a few treaters tonight since one family on the street had twins last year and 3 more become recent grandparents. I'm cool with that!
  6. If they dress up (not just put on a football jersey and jeans) they have earned candy.
  7. Agreed. It lifted his season % to 31.7%
  8. Doesn’t coach Snapp have another son in the Pipeline? Will he see action? His oldest was fun to watch.
  9. He jacked up a three nearly every minute. Hope he iced his arm last night.
  10. Smart move. St Mary’s had scheduled their first ever trunk or treat last Friday and cancelled due to rain. Does it matter what day of the week it is? When we were kids it was always on a weekend near Halloween. Never at night. We would hit Dayton early and Bellevue late. Those pillow cases weighed a ton. @UKMustangFan I’d invite you to trick or treat on our street but we have not had a single kid in 3 years. Told a neighbor that we now have one year old twins and a couple of grandparents on the street that may want to show off their new editions this year? Too young for candy, but those little outfits are so cute.
  11. The 7 teams they defeated may disagree with you. I keep thinking they are not as good as their record, yet they keep on winning. As I’ve said over the last few weeks. “We will know more about them this week”.
  12. Nice run by the Camels. Congrats to Hannah.
  13. The regular 2% milk we use at the house.
  14. Heard Vince Rankin picked up his first offer from Mount St. Joseph. Congrats. Missed seeing him play last year as he was injured. Plan on catching him a few times this season.
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