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  1. No call on the last play I’m ok with. The play before that when Jolly was driving and ball goes out of bounds, he was absolutely hammered, and ref swallowed his whistle. Same ref made the “stepping out of bounds” call, it wasn’t even close. And finally the “reaching” call after the Trinity guard lost possession of the ball, was absurd. Definitely impacted the game and outcome. Trinity fans won’t admit it, not asking them to do so. Just as Camels fans know the better team lost, it happens in sports all the time. Trinity is a good team, no doubt. They’re guys played hard. Campbell County’s performance during the last week truly demonstrated to all just what kind of team they had. Great season Camels thinks for the ride. Your efforts on and off the court have been and continue to be, appreciated by your community. Camel Pride!
  2. Great community support for both WV and Campbell County. Kudos to Dr. Matt Baker and Dr. David Rust for calling off school to allow all of their school staff, students and stakeholders the opportunity to attend. What a great game atmosphere and each team gave it all they had. Congratulations to G. Brannen and the Bearcats on an outstanding season. Coach Russell and staff have the Camels playing with tons of confidence and heart.....keep it going Camels!
  3. I was at the 1st match up. I can’t speak of WV but the Camels probably played their 2nd worst game of the season behind the Brossart District game. Tanner was in early foul trouble which hurt and WV’s guards played really well. The Hail Mary 3pt shot that WV threw up at the buzzer didn’t help, nor did the refs wiping away a 3pt shot by the Camels before the buzzer (the call was it didn’t get released in time). With all of that said I predict a close game won from the FT line.
  4. Unbelievable game. Camels finally catch a break at Rupp. John Harden was/is a very solid team, easy to see how they were undefeated. Good luck on Friday, it should be another close game. Go Camels!
  5. It’s been a clean hard fought game by both teams.
  6. Unfortunately officials still bad however Pep Bands for both schools still excellent.
  7. Both Peps are rocking and did a great job in the pre-game. 5th Region Officials are not good....just saying.
  8. 2nd pic is Campbell County 1992 - Jason Parton and Jere Turner
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