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  1. Talking about two teams getting the wind taken out of their sails in back to back nights(BC-RC). That being said, believe Allen is on that Chris Lofton-Jake Ohmer plateau now, players that use anything at all to get themselves up for games and just fall into that, "who do you think you are, you're not beating me" mind set. If they keep this up and continue to grow as a team, you got to think this team is special enough to get to Rupp.
  2. Pretty sure Sumo would know, but has Bracken County boys or girls teams ever won even one game at The Fieldhouse?
  3. Huge disappointment and a reversion back to last year. Just do not know what it is with Bracken County Boys and Girls basketball and Mason County/ The Fieldhouse. Bracken last beat Mason County 20 years ago, but was it in The Fieldhouse or Brooksville? Does anyone know?
  4. Have never ever seen the boys game before the girls in a DH, so you better double check that. Would rather see the boys JV game, hate the format.
  5. I think the winner of the Wednesday clash between PC and RC will be #4 for next week, but the loser should fall no further than #5, Brossart #6, maybe a distant #6 at this point. Dontae is reminding me more and more of that kind of special high school player that will just not take losing as an option and beginning to think that at season end PC may be battling CC to go to Rupp. What a final that would be.
  6. Could Mason County lose to Bracken County and Robertson County at The Fieldhouse over the next week or so? I believe they will
  7. Did you see anything that Bracken could have done to have contained Dontae even a little? Usually a player of his talent has a supporting cast of at least one or two to keep putting up those kind of numbers and Pendleton doesn't have that. Do you see a way of slowing him down ? What kind of defense did Bracken attempt?
  8. I assume Beechwood is really good but at this point Brossart and Mason County are huge disappointments in the 10th. That has to be the most points scored against a Mike Code coached team, he is still the Coach there isn't he?
  9. Upset alert. Pendleton and Allen will leave it all on the floor on a long trip to Winchester on Friday. Allen with season low 28 or so and BC with the 3 point win in a low scoring thriller at The Shed
  10. I think this was in Carlisle as well. Nicholas didn't have a good first week versus the County of Bracken. That Augusta-Bracken game later on should be a barn burner
  11. Watching Mason County tonight reminded me of Bracken County last season. When you lose your primary everything(ball handler,scorer,rebounder,etc.) for many seasons(Bracken-Crawford, Mason-Dunaway), everyone on the floor seems lost. Throw in transfers, new Coach,system,etc. Gonna take awhile. Mason County is going to have to find an identity
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