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  1. You responded to my post that had nothing to do with you. I would have never engaged with you which is why we don’t have conversations. So move along.
  2. So according to some the NA group/man walks up to the kids and engages them(fact, video shows that). Kids feel threatened/annoyed in some way and a few are doing a Seminole chant and tomahawk chop. But they didn’t know that was offensive? They thought they were participating with the NA group in unison? That’s quite a spin zone.
  3. How do you know they are 16 have you seen their birth certificate? They could be 17 and know better. Pretty sure any teenager with any sense in the world today would know that’s offensive and considering their intend I’m pretty sure they did know.
  4. We already have done that and are doing it now. If you want to make a specific thread condemning them feel free. I think we have all explained their roles in the situation here. My explaining was why we are focusing on the kids. I think that’s pretty clear.
  5. And this is a Kentucky message board with a huge focus on NKY. I’m sure plenty of message boards in other areas are discussing those other groups.
  6. Some mentioned some differences in pitching strategies with the Yanks staff and pairing him with his old college coach could bring him back to what he was.
  7. Agreed, seems like some of this could have been avoided with chaperones present.
  8. One possible delay in announcement of #Reds ’ trade for #Yankees ’ Sonny Gray, which @jonHeyman said yesterday was being finalized: The Reds might be trying to sign Gray to an extension as part of deal. Have not confirmed this is under discussion, but would make sense . . .
  9. I have and they told me rotator cuff tendinitis as well. I went to therapy and everything and couldn’t get it to go away.
  10. I've been meaning to comeback here and post. I take a full dropper under my tongue each day. It's flavored so it's not too bad. I miss days from time to time. I won't pretend it has produced earth shattering results, but it most certainly made a difference for the pain in my foot and shoulder.
  11. I respect the hustle, but he's kidding himself if he thinks a video of that game is worth $3,500.
  12. Here is a good breakdown of the potential downside of trading for Kluber. Should the Reds give up Nick Senzel for Corey Kluber? - Redleg Nation
  13. I used to sit out in my drive way at night and listen to the games and hit my wiffle ball onto the roof all night long. :lol2:
  14. I still enjoy listening to Marty most of the time. It will be weird not hearing his voice during the games.
  15. @m_sheldon Mark Sheldon Big news: Marty Brennaman has announced that 2019 will be his final season calling #reds games. He has been calling games for the club since 1974 and is Frick Award winner at the HOF.
  16. If it's going to be that cold we might as well get some snow out of it.
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