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  1. Well yes and no in reality. Can't just "make" a true point guard if the talent is not there. You just do the best you can, focus on what you do well as a team, and hope that overcomes anything else. I've mentioned that the Frosh team lacks a true point guard but gets by with using big men to get the ball up the floor. In reality, next year there will be an incoming Frosh who will be a very good point guard so its taken care of next year basically.
  2. I'll answer. They have 1. But that's 1 more than they had last year basically. And really they haven't been all that blessed with point guards in recent years. Other than when Bueter and Gesenghues were there (and both could play point) I can't remember when they have had more than 1 point guard.
  3. That's the point. Total wins and losses by a region don't mean all that much. Quality games do. BTW Lexcath 61 ND 48 Cov. Holy Cross after running off three straight wins against non-9th region teams lost to Dunbar 38-19.
  4. Play fair now. Sacred Heart 50 Boone Co 49 Henry Clay 64 NCC 56 Games that both 9th region teams could have won but lost in the 4th quarter.
  5. The one hit: And one that should have been:
  6. I totally agree with your thoughts. In fact when the ball is loose on the floor I think it should be similar to the hockey puck (along the boards) in that if the ref can't see the entire ball, then the whistle blows. So if Player A dives for a loose ball and Player X dives too and the ball is under someone's armpit but not posssed the whistle should blow. It prevents injuries and pushing and shoving problems.
  7. All I can think about reading this thread is Todd Marinovich.
  8. I've heard that when the cafeteria has Sloppy Joe's....the lunchladys like to make them "extra sloppy for ya."
  9. Boone co has a policy that players can't be moved up unless they are placed on varsity. I would take that further and not let any players move up. IMO opinion high school sports should be for high school students. I would consider allowing middle school or grade school kids to play on Frosh teams if otherwise there would not be enough to form a team. That is what the prom queen has to do with athletics. The prom queen, the editor of the paper, the lead in the play, and the center on the team should be high school students who attend that high school.
  10. Here are what I consider significant games played thus far by the 9th's better teams and you can see that this year the 9th is down from previous years but certainly not terrible. Boone Co: 66-44 Win over McCauly (OH) 75-53 Loss to Fern Creek Highlands: 75-52 Loss to S. Oldham 57-48 Loss to Simon Kenton NCC: 63-38 Loss to Dunbar 62-46 Loss to Sacred Heart 64-58 Loss to Glen Este (OH) 55-39 Win over Nature Coast (FLA) ND: 67-50 Loss to Montgomery Co. 57-41 Win over St. Ursula (OH) 57-52 Loss to Assumption 60-42 Win over Seton (OH) 42-37 Win over Ursuline (OH) Ryle: 75-45 Loss to Glen Este (OH) There have been some other wins by 9th region teams over average teams such as Ryle over Madison Central 51-50 but then you see what happened when they played a quality team (and Glen Este is I believe 3-2 against Ohio teams). Still a lot of games to be played and a few NKY teams get a crack at Sacred Heart and Montgomery Co later in the year. Conner is 6-0 but gets into the tough part of the schedule soon and will start taking some lumps.
  11. Beechwood loses RB Bankemper but returns RB Teipel. Stats: 4 Bankemper, Tommy 111 rushes 585 yards 13 Tds 44 Teipel, Neico 133 rushes 815 yards 13 Tds And they lose Elliot at QB. But the Frosh QB was quite the athlete (and the Frosh team was good, not great) and may step right in as a Soph next year. I look for Beechwood to pound the ball next year with Teipel being one of the leading rushers in NKY next year. But don't be too caught up with the starters listed from this year. Beechwood has people that can play both ways even though they may not be listed as a starter on one side. Depending on the game or need, they may not see any action on one side of the ball but next game may see extensive action. I do think their offense will be ahead of their defense next year and they definately will not be as deep as they were this year. Plus I don't think their district will be better overall. They wisely play a tough non-district schedule, which should help again.
  12. I agree that Beechwood, while being very good next year, will be closer to the pack than last year. Don't know that they won't win it all again, but I think in the immediate future things get a little tigher in Class A. I believe Beechwood will still be a force on offense next year but maybe not as good on defense and not nearly as deep.
  13. Maybe none. But maybe Boone Co schools believe that High school teams should be for their High school students? Personally I don't think the most popular, beautiful, smart, friendly, world-peace loving 7th grader should be the high school Prom queen so why should she be the starting point guard?
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