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  1. I'm having a hard time recalling a basketball ball coach being fired. Tom Russell?
  2. Middle school teams are usually pretty good at Highlands. We know not to put much stock in that. Right?
  3. They've been ranked as high as number 1 in preseason polls, but fell short. A lot can happen during season. I'm not sure when Highlands has emerged from the 9th, but I think it's been a long time.
  4. I don't put much stock in preseason ratings. Highlands has been rated highly in the past...
  5. This is a little more in line with how I thought these threads would go. Unfortunately...
  6. I agree. Referencing an earlier post. I would have a bigger issue with the varsity squad coming out of half-time in jeans and sweat shirts
  7. In bball forum i always wondered how the Highlands football threads would go when the program struggled. Not exactly what I expected. Funny everyone is still hung up on the running up the score thing from long ago.
  8. Those guys were special athletes that don't come along very often.
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