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  1. I don't know if I would use the same words, but I remember watching him at the All A Classic, and having watched Miller in a Mason County game I can say that I feel Kentucky got the best candidate of the two. I find Miller's game works more in the team concept. Just one opinion.
  2. You have to remember like it or not, Lexington Catholic plays defense by committee. Their offense seems to catch most peoples eyes, but their defense is unreal. Back tips every second of the game. UHA has some very gifted players yes, but this Catholic team is on a mission, and in a good sportsmanship way they "show no mercy". Leonards loser "UHA", take Lexington Catholic, and hear Roberto Duran once again utter "no mas, no mas".
  3. To loosely quote Llyod Christmas (Jim Cary of Dumb and Dumber) "so you're sayings it's a million to one chance of LCA winning, so there is a chance.....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
  4. langley for LCA makes 2 freethrows LCA 69 Lafayette 54 Lawless for lafayette drives for 2 LCA 69 Lafayette 54 1:20
  5. Stewart deep 3 again for lafayette LCA 67 Lafayette 54
  6. Helton makes 1 of 2 LCA 67 Lafayette 51 2:12
  7. lafayette misses, LCA rebound, helton at other end drives and is fouled
  8. 2:45 left marshall 2 free throws LCA 66 Lafayette 51
  9. Barber for 2 for lafayette then helton 2 for lca stewart for 3 for lafayette LCA 64 Lafayette 51
  10. stewart for another deep three LCA 60 Lafayette 44 4:04 left
  11. Evans to the line makes both freethrows LCA 60 Lafayette 41 4:31 in the 4th timeout LCA
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