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  1. I say Gallatin by 9. Close the whole game but Gallatin pulls away in the fourth.
  2. I think gallatin will get this, Both teams are banged up. Ashley jones will have a big game. Gallatin by 7
  3. Do you know when there going to reschudule the grils games
  4. Zac had 9 points, 9 rebounds (team high), 6 steals, (team high), 5 assists (team high) and guarded the player the GC staff viewed as the best scoring weapon in Tillett, and held him to 3 points. Points isn't everything, but I don't know what he needs to do to impress some of you. His team also won by 20+.
  5. Davis is the only Freshman that starts. He hit three three pointer from about 24- 25 feet out, He is was dangerous from three point land
  6. That Davis boy is only a freshman, And he can hit from the three every night, He's small but very quick and knows where the ball is at all times,
  7. Gallatin has never been about getting one or two guys their points, they are about getting the ball to the open man and move without the basketball. Refs shut down Jones - he did not play most of the game.
  8. Gallatin is too good, Maddoxs and jones can't be stop, Galltain by 19
  9. Trimble is a team to watch this year. I would not be surprised at either team winning, but Trimble will win several this year.
  10. The coaching staff wanted to play, but the administrators did not want to risk a second bus wreck on the same day. No news on a new date.
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