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  1. Just read on another site that PPat was signing autographs at the football game yesterday and while he was signing these autographs he got a text from John Wall. He showed the text to everyone around him and it said "I'm coming". Take it for what it's worth, probably nothing.
  2. I guess he wouldn't have to wait but I would be more comfortable going somewhere that I didn't have to run somebody away to be able to get in. If he commits today then somebody has to be forced to leave for him to get in. An uncomfortable situation, or it would be for me anyway.
  3. Good luck Coach Forrest. May you have a long and happy retirement. Sorry about all those beat downs Carroll County gave you over the years...j/k of course.....:notworthy:
  4. When is the last minute by the way?
  5. Will John Wall make up his mind this week and let the state of Ky get back to normal? Coming to UK or not, I hope it's over by Friday. I still believe he is coming and is either waiting for a scholly to open up or is just playing it for all its worth but it's time to move on (that's what my wife keeps telling me anyway). :lol:
  6. We're talking about practice. Practice. I think we're talking about practice.:ohbrother:
  7. Let me guess...the RAL in the call letters stands for Raleigh. I'm shocked that a NC station would not have UK in the lead for his services!:lol:
  8. That's twice you've said that. Stop it. Stop it now.:taz::ohbrother:
  9. Are you assuming or do you know something?
  10. I'd take an all expense paid trip to Miami right about now...:dancingpa
  11. No way Coach K stands up the #1 recruit in the country to sign a few books. If this actually happened Wall is a Wildcat, IMO.
  12. ^WildcatScratchFever, your avatar goes from "HOW" to "OW".
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