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  1. I don't think Igo would be a 26 point difference in this game.
  2. This game will be a running clock. I've seen both teams play and JC wins big.
  3. Seem like he called it right those years! :sssh::eek::ylsuper:
  4. Mason County vs Augusta soft96.com, just click on FM.
  5. We may revisit this thread after the 10th region tournament. MC lost on the road to a top 5 team in the state in SK. Relaxxxx.
  6. I like MC, GRC and Scott as the top 3 (in any order you want). CC and NC 4 and 5. Whoever is hot can wit it all.
  7. Can we not give NC credit? NC played within 10 of Scott and won the 10th region all a classic title and beat Green County who played right with GRC. NC had a great game plan last night, slow the game down and limit MC to one shot. NC is a dark house in the region.
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