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  1. OK before rumors fly and others start the gossip tree. Yes Ally Niece suffered a knee injury tearing her ACL, MCL during summer games. Injuries happen it's part of the game. She has had the surgery and is recovering comfortably. It will be more than likely that the lady pioneers will have her back in uniform mid January.
  2. That it the youth camp for the kids, the High School team camp for SK is June 6th from 6pm to 8pm, June 13th at Summit View Academy from 6pm to 8pm. June 15th at Towne and Country Sports Complex from 6pm to 8pm. June 20th and June 22nd at SK from 6pm. Simon Kenton is hosting a few out of town teams during these dates also so should be some good basketball to see.
  3. SK plays aggressive defense but does not throw obvious blatant punches
  4. Shocker is that Stinson played the entire game after throwing a punch in the 2nd quarter got warned which was a clear punch motion, then came out in the 3rd and then punched a Simon Kenton girl in the face and got called for a common technical. I don't blame officials that much but this was home cooking 101. I thought any contact to the head especially non-basketball related should be an ejection. But SK never gave up played overall good defense, some shots just didn't fall. But they played their buts off and if the rest of the 8th isn't scared I would be now that SK is coming off a loss
  5. Final from Independence Congrats to Madi Meier for scoring her 1000th career point tonight
  6. Walton plays Williamstown Feb 4th. Walton lost to Williamstown earlier in the year by 2. But don't know which game is the district seed game right now the Standings are 1.SK 3-0 2.Grant Co 2-1 3.Williamstown 1-2 4. Walton 0-3
  7. Yes they include her Scott Varsity points. For career stats they include any Varsity points scored no matter what school they are for.
  8. Last night at the LIT SK's Ally Niece scores her career 2500th point. I do believe that after talking with some of my SK friends she stands to be at 2503. Congrats Ally
  9. I believe that Conner had shot something like 20 3's tonight there were a bunch shot but just didn't fall, I know of 4 made
  10. Per KHSAA scoreboard the final was 70-44. Per the SK's Girls Basketball Facebook page there was a scoring error on the scoreboard and the Final score was incorrect on the scoreboard.
  11. Simon Kenton will travel into Hebron this Thursday. Who wins this game and why? Conner lives by the 3 and can sink shots, Simon Kenton is just on fire now rolling through the NKY scene. Does Conner have enough to throw some water on the firestorm that SK is right now? Give me your Thoughts and GO!!!!!
  12. Final from Florence, SK walked into that gym and just dominated, it was a 34 point game at half. Boone just couldn't handle the aggresiveness of SK. SK will go into Hebron on Thursday to Play Conner before heading to Louisville Friday to play in the LIT.
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