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  1. Or, great defense, I guess it depends on which side you are watching from.
  2. I thought her mother was actually a middle school coach, if so, I doubt that this is something that she would have received training on. To be honest, I doubt that very few know all the rules/bylaws they are supposed to be upholding.
  3. Their district is.... Covington Catholic, Holmes, Holy Cross and Beechwood.
  4. I think it's safe to say that the runner-up trophy made it's way to Ft. Thomas.
  5. I believe they will be sitting a minimum of one match.
  6. Congrats to the Cougars!!! I kept hearing that Ryle was one of the favorites in the 9th. Did they look past this match? It's been a few years since the Raiders missed out on the Regional Tournament, that year also ended with a first round District loss in PK's at Boone County.
  7. This win gives the #1 seed to Cooper. Two wins came down to a shootout and the win over Boone was 1-0 until Cooper scored in the closing seconds. The "Thriller" you speak of was the first Regional win for Cooper, 4-2 over St. Henry, probably still the biggest win for the program.
  8. If the final score is reported correctly, the score at the end of regulation was 1-1.
  9. I think you are putting too much emphasis on the goal differential, don't get me wrong, those are some strong numbers. The current SOS is not working in your favor, upcoming matches will help this number. Another thing to look at are games you "should" win. In terms of the Maher Rankings, if you were only favored to beat Mason Co. by a couple of goals, the result the other day will help you in their rankings. Beat a few teams that are ranked higher than you and I think you will start seeing the rankings closer to what your expectations are.
  10. UK has not played Loyola of Chicago this season.
  11. Very impressive numbers, maybe he became the all time leading rebounder for the Jags?
  12. I think a tie is fitting. If your list is correct... Did a school not vote, or did someone other than AK or CF receive a vote?
  13. As foolish as some of your comments have been... you completely lost me with #5.
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