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  1. 24-20 GRC leading at the half. Reid Jolly & Jordan Graham with two fouls a piece.
  2. Final. Score was actually 65 to 47, clock keeper missed one of the final free throws. Unofficial scoring for WV: and it totals 65! Pardee 17, Miles 15, Bonne 8, Grubbs 7, Jones 9, Schrader 2, Brook 4, Watson 3. Miles had 3 monster dunks & was double & triple teamed all night. Not bad after only 3 practices & no scrimmages for the five players just getting back from football.
  3. WV visits Dixie Heights tonight at 7:30 to open each of their seasons. Thoughts or predictions?
  4. The reality is Walton does not have the tradition, the accolades, or the depth of Mayfield. No one, other than some folks in their community believe they can pull the upset. But, they are playing with house money. They weren't supposed to go this far, they will have a huge home crowd, & they have excelled at every level (just ask Highlands, Beechwood, Cov Cath & others how they did against this senior class in the past). Win or lose, they have made a mark & left a great legacy for others to follow. Let their fans enjoy the ride. And maybe, just maybe a little magic might happen tomorrow night in Verona!
  5. Great win by WV. Down 14-6 with under 6 minutes left, but came back to win 18-14! WV may not have D1 talent, but they have plenty of heart & determination.
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