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  1. With only 5 players, Bombers Basketball Club played tough tonight. Jared Bowling and Cody Monson (SK), Nick Seibert and Michael Bueter (NCC) and Kristian Morgan (Gallatin Co) came up 1 point short against the Indy Racers 59 to 58. They ran out of gas against the Cincinnati Lakers towards the end of their 2nd game with a score of 83 to 67. Incredible stamina and effort from all the boys!
  2. The Bombers win again tonight against Orlando Basketball Club 45 to 43.
  3. Bombers win easily today against the ky flight 67 to 38. They don't play again until 8:30 pm tonight.
  4. Not sure of the score since I had to work. They are noe headed to the Eddie Forf tournament
  5. Gallatin was without there head coach today also.
  6. Bombers win 78-67 to take home the silver division title. Congratulations bombers!!!
  7. Nick has had a really good weekend. Bombers win in the final four game by 3 and now headed to the championship game.
  8. Playing in the final four of the tourney at 2:15. Go bombers!! Kristian Morgan-Gallatin County Andrew Sampson-Simon Kenton Jared Swanson-Simon Kenton Jared Bowling-Simon Kenton Michael Bueter-Newport Central Catholic Nick Seibert-Newport Central Catholic Nick Jackson-Scott High Sam Riddle-Conner Grant Crawford-Bracken County.
  9. 16u Bombers won the first game in their pool at 8am this morning here in Fort Wayne, IN. The score was 80-58 against 2013 Camp Darryl-gray.
  10. Gallatin county will be there June 1, 2, and 3.
  11. Bombers bc 16U from nky played very well tonight. They beat the 16U Crons by 15 points. They play the ville 2013 at 11:40 in the morning, which is rumored to have Daryl Hicks as their star player. Go Bombers!!
  12. Bombers win their first game by a few. They play again at 7:20.
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