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  1. I picked it up yesterday. My first purchased hard copy of a CD since Hybrid Theory.
  2. I tutored John Conner in math last year, and he was just about the hardest working athlete I had. He wasn't the best at the subject, but he was very very willing to learn, and had a great attitude. Honestly it kind of blew me away how polite and respectful he was. He is a great guy and I wish him nothing but the best in the NFL.
  3. I don't know why they would build this thing with no flash support and no USB port. Its very pretty and cool, but the lack of those two items alone make it near useless for lots of people. I hate Apple almost as much as I like Apple.
  4. I have the intelligent key on my G35. Its not a push button, but no key is required for anything on the car. It is SOOOOOO convenient.
  5. He was at SK my freshman year. I don't know too much about him as a coach, but most students I know liked him. He connects to kids pretty easily. I was a fan of him when I knew him.
  6. I've been wondering this for years. I'd say unless you are in fact Richie Farmer, it is unacceptable to grow one seriously untill you are 30 and have a mortgage and/or children.
  7. Simple question. Why do so many people hate them?
  8. Theses aren't quite the answers I wanted to hear, but they probably are for the best. Advice on brands of cars in that price range?
  9. I have a credit score of 770. I don't know what you need for what kind of loan, but I'd like to think I could get a good rate. Also I'd be putting down a sizeable down payment... probably about 30 percent, that should help my rate. I'd also like to think that me being active duty with guaranteed full pay and benefits through college should help my rate, but I really don't know what the rate is based on. My plan right now is to keep the car for 6 years... 1 year of college, and 5 years performing my Navy duties. Once I get out and get a nice job I'll get a new car. Basically in my eyes, as a 21 year old, I can find no reason but to go for the glitz and glamour of a nicer used car especially since I don't plan on keeping it forever. I'm fishing for advice from people who have gone through the car buying process and objective advice from someone outside of my situation... The main question to BGP is: what would you do in my situation?
  10. I have absolutely no way of telling. Since my daily commutes will either be tiny or non-existent I'm assuming less than or right about average (12,000ish) Most of my miles will be highway miles.
  11. I guess I should've given more background on my traveling up and down the east coast. Its not like I'm going to be traveling all that often, its just that when I will be traveling it will be for very long distances. Most of my time will be spent at seperate training facilities in Rhode Island and South Carolina and New York. My daily commutes will probably be on foot as I expect to be housed by the Navy. After my training I will be stationed at a Naval base, and will spend most of my time out at sea so my car will obviously be getting very few miles at that point. The reason I am looking for a new car is I want one that is reliable and in better condition so when I am on a long trip I don't get stranded by myself in the middle of nowhere. I'm just trying to figure out if it would be worth buying a 4 year old top of the line car with some miles vs. a 1 year old above average car with few miles. I plan on using a carfax to uncover any past problems, and my dad is an outstanding auto mechanic so he will uncover any current problems. My train of thought is that any car nowadays will last for quite sometime under the stress I'm going to give it so why not splurge if its possible. If there is anything else I need to consider that would make a newer car with less miles the better option I need to know so I can make the best decision for myslef. Again absolutely any advice on my specific case or any car buying advice will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thank you very much. It is a very exciting time for me right now. And yes that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid! You have to have learned some from those questionable decisions and could give me some advice on what not to do.
  13. I am currently in the market for a new car. As soon as I graduate college in a year and a half I will be traveling up and down the east coast training for the Navy nuclear power program I was recently accepted into and my current hand me down car just wont cut it. The biggest decision I have to make is whether to buy an upscale car like a 2006-2007 Acura TSX/TL or something along those lines with about 40,000 - 60,000 miles on it or a newer car like a 2009 Mazda6 or Nissan Altima with very low miles on it. I of course would like to have an upscale car, but I don't know if it would be worth taking one with that many miles on it. My train of thought is that now a days 60,000 miles isn't that much, but since I've never bought a car before I don't know a whole lot about the process or what to look for. Any advice on this or any new car buying advice would be greatly appreciated.
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