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  1. Umm, someone was me. There is a difference to standing up to a penalty by the Union filing a grievance and suing for slander / defamation. You won't need to testify under oath with a grievance filed.
  2. 0% Funny shaped things bounce in funny ways.
  3. A. Why are you yelling at me? B. I'll be shocked if there is any penalties to the players. The evidence that Senator Mitchell has on most of them is so weak (hearsay in many cases) that it would never hold up once the Union filed their grievance. Nothing will come of it, like I said earlier, besides the "court of public opinion." Colossal waste of time and money.
  4. Respectfully, I think that would be over-kill. Let's not use a hammer to kill a fly.
  5. Baseball had a steriod problem in the 90's. Adam Dunn wasn't on the list. Adam Dunn is a liability in the field.
  6. Bud Selig and his band of merry men are the biggest hypocrites in this whole ordeal. If he goes after any of these players after-the-fact it will open a kettle of fish he'll immediately wish he hadn't. Fortunately for him, the amount of defamation law-suits will be small because that would mean, in most cases, the players would have to take the stand UNDER OATH and answer questions. Umm, me thinks they wouldn't like that much.
  7. Tom, be serious. They weren't testing and there was no defined penalties. They had no desire to enforce it because they needed Sammy and Mac to bring the fans back. You are very intelligent -- you know that policy from '97 is nonsense.
  8. Give me 10 minutes -- I saw you called. :thumb:
  9. Didn't they just sign a contract to broadcast Miami(O) games? Long-term deal, in fact. Did I imagine that?
  10. Are you a "Norman Rockwell" artist? :bunny:
  11. Again, WHY penalize the players? They didn't fail anything. MLB wasn't testing back then. The only penalty is in the court of public opinion.
  12. Why would they? These guys never failed a drug test and used (allegedly) before the penalty structures were in place. If they haven't failed a drug test since the program's inception, what would the penalty be?
  13. As I said in a Bonds thread months ago, the group most to blame for this is Bud Selig and his troops / owners for having their heads in the sand for years and then feigning surprise when the info started going public. Hypocrisy at its finest. Who can blame the players when there were no penalties in place and no one gave any indication of caring what they did? I'm with you Latch, I still think that is why the Wood deal fell apart so quickly and quietly.
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