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  1. I thought I saw in a previous post that the boosters club raises 100K plus per year. That is amazing! It doesnt sound like money is a big problem. Can someone who knows elaborate?
  2. Congrats to the Raiders on a good win. Work hard this winter!!
  3. There are a lot of great people in McCreary and they deserve some success on the field. I wish them well in the future!
  4. Same old story...penalties, missed tackles, and missed opportunities!! Ky is close to getting the "big" wins but I have been saying that for thirty years. I'll say this...when the UKFootball Boat sinks, Im going down with it!!!!
  5. What made it really great was the defense appearing to make great efforts to tackle him....a really good job by the defense not just standing there and letting him score. I thought for a second the one kid on the sideline was really going to push him out of bounds.
  6. 7.Harlan Co 5.Hazard 3.McCreary Co 2.Rowan Co 1.East Carter Tie Breaker: Harlan Co
  7. I know its off topic but several people have mentioned East Bound & Down.I love it also. May be the best show on tv. I thought Boardwalk Empire showed a lot of promise. I'll keep watching but I dont think its going to be a Sopranos!
  8. What amazes me is that no one has commented on the fact that this guy was able to knock out a bus window. Thos things are in there pretty solid.
  9. With 4 in college I dont see how you can afford a nest, lol.
  10. Its a tough thing. We have 2 in college or graduated and my baby girl is a senior so she is gone a lot also. One night my wife and I discovered that, for the first time in our lives, we now know when certain TV shows are aired and the channel that they are on and we were never really TV people. I sure dont have any advice for you. All I can say is thank goodness for cell phones and free long distance!
  11. Congrats to James! Tell JB to call the Journal and they'll correct that mistake before they issue his certificate. Regardless, he's a fine young man, on the field and off!!:thumb:
  12. John McKay when he was coaching the then hapless Tampa Bay expansion team, a reported asked him how he felt about his team's execution. He replied "Im in favor of it"!! I dont remember the coach but during a post game interview after a very bad loss he said "the only difference between me and General Custer at Little Big Horn is he didnt have to watch the film after"!!!
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