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  1. There was only one scrimmage and a game yesterday.
  2. Could single handedly be the best Dale interview since the '99 season with Don Weber.....we're a little ticked off....
  3. Who hit the home run for the Birds? It was a no doubter!
  4. Ryle players may not have wanted to win, but I can tell you Coach Rosel wanted to win. It was very evident.
  5. Good showing by the Birds. Hitting and pitching both were present today. Defense would have been had the 25 minutes of rain stayed away. Birds prove once again they can play with anyone when they show up. Hopefully the next two weeks lead to a regional title!
  6. Only 6 losses at the JV level is pretty good considering its a team that is constantly being manipulated. Very rarely do they have the same guys everyday with guys going up to Varsity and down to frosh depending on the needs. Coach Reynolds does a great job with this team.
  7. I heard the same thing. Seems like I did some looking into since I had no idea what it was and this is what I found. "On June 24, 2004, John Shulock called such a balk on the Braves' Greg Maddux when he pitched while catcher Fernando Lunar's foot was out of the box. Bobby Cox argued the call and was ejected. The night before, Brewers' manager Davey Lopes had asked the umpires to enforce the rule against the Braves' catcher Javy Lopez, who was setting up far outside the box. This appears to be the only time this balk has been called in decades. Major League crew chief Tim McClelland has written "As a matter of fact, I have never seen it called, it's one of those things you just kind of let slide." Apparently it doesnt get called in MLB, but it does in NKAC. The guy has issues.....
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