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  1. Heard it came down between Murphy and Community Christians boys coach Ryan Smith. They went with Murphy because of the experiernce working in girls basketball. Straight from horses mouth.
  2. The league they are in the fees aren't nearly as pricy. They don't have a big following the only thing I can see is visiting schools traveling and helping with money. Kudos to them for branching out. Hope it works out for them. Saw them play my brothers team in basketball. It wasn't pretty although I thought they had a couple of nice girl players.
  3. I think if DCA had a striving program in there league it would be a better start for them. They however are making this move to try to keep student athletes there. No gurantee this will be successful. Its risky thats for sure.
  4. Many Small schools feel by joining KHSAA it will keep their athletes happy and they wont jump ship to the public schools. This is why DCA is making this move. It has nothing to do with Competition as they have struggled to be competitive in just about every sport in the KCAA. They had recent success in girls basketball but lost a lot of girls to the public school system. Good Luck to them
  5. Was told yesterday Scott has started contacting some candidates. Heard two names today. Two that have not been mentioned in this thread. Local guys. Have fun trying to figure it out :thumb:
  6. Community Christian Independence guard Caleb Wilson Signs with Cincinnati Christian. Finished his senior year averaging 22.4PPG and 7REB in the KCAA. Had a 48 point performance this year where he connected on 10-13 three point field goals in a game. Nice player.
  7. They struggle to manufacture runs. They dont hit the ball nearly as well as they have the past couple of years.
  8. Guy from Community Christian also has name in mix per former player of his.
  9. Losing Zach Mann is pretty big for Scott because it does effect their pitching depth. They lose Zero pitching from last year. Andrew Trame and Jake Ohmer will be 1 and 2 in the rotation and these guys know how to pitch. They dont overwhelm you with dirty stuff but the hit spots and change speeds so well. CJ Seay has pitched in huge games for them he will be the 3 pitcher. Outside of these 3 they will be searching hard for another arm. They have some good young throwers that im sure they staff will get ready fright away to contribute. This will be a contact hitting team and should play small ball to be successful. Jeff Trame preaches small ball everyday in practice. He preaches hitting behind runners everyday in practice. This team still has the parts to 3 peat that region. Jake Ohmer is Very Very Good.
  10. Was privileged to take in a high school basketball game last night at Community Christian. Up and Down paced game. Each team had a couple of really nice Guards. Community Well conditioned.
  11. Agreed would love to hear some more names. Any body in the Turkey foot, Twenhoffel ,Woodland outlets care to enlighten everyone. I love talking reading this stuff.
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