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  1. The royals only lost 3 seniors. They're coming back this year with 5 seniors and 7 juniors. They have a lot of talent. If they can play as a team and work hard this winter and get their mind right. They're going to open a lot of people's eyes. Other than Williams, they have: Ritchie, bickley, Thacker, Morgan, smith, porter, jones, pitikas, Walsh, Nelson, and hill. They're going to be tough if they play the right people at the right spots.
  2. Pig Williams will only miss around a week and a half of practice. From what I've heard, he is really focused and has been working harder than he ever has. This is his year for him to go out and prove a lot of people wrong and win 10th region player of the year.
  3. Who do you think will be the best team in the 10th region this year? I look for Mason county to finally have a really good chance to make a trip to the legends field in the spring.
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