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  1. If you need a replacement let me know. I would be interested
  2. 1st pitcher 24 years old 33 GS 9-16 4.88 era 75 BB 140 K. -.5 WAR 2nd pitcher 25 years old 19 GS 7-9 5.10 era 72 BB 117 K. -.8 WAR Can you guess the 2 pitchers? Is there that much difference
  3. I didn’t know that. I actually do not know anything about the situation. Maybe I should just come down there and coach the team since I am clueless about it.
  4. First rule in searching for coaching jobs. NEVER be the guy that follows a legend. Be the guy that follows the guy that followed a legend.
  5. I would agree with you Cincy Sports Fan! I couldn’t tell about his location from where I was sitting. His 2nd pitch seemed pretty good. He still has work to do, but for a 19 year old I thought he looked good.
  6. I would never bet against Tebow. He has the IT factor.
  7. I went up to Dayton and watched him pitch last night. He hit 99 on the gun once. His fastball was consistently at 97 until the top of 4th after a really long bottom of the 3rd. He finished the game st 94 or 95. He threw several nice slider/curves at 83. He was dominant! Very impressed.
  8. Fans actually go to games and support the team. The Reds fans do not go to games except for opening day. They don’t support the team.
  9. If you pair Harvey with Duvall, you might get a decent prospect.
  10. I agree! Of course Thom Brennamen made it sound like he got shelled!
  11. I was thinking about the future of the Reds and their every day lineup and had some thoughts. I know they are not the Big Red machine, but one thing I think people forget about that team was how players switched positions when they got new players. Rose went from 2B to LF, to 3B. Perez went from 3B to 1B. I think the Reds should consider the following lineup for next year: C - Barnhardt 1B - Votto 2B - Gennett we need to sign him SS - Suarez 3B - Senzel LF - Winker CF - Peraza RF - Schebler The Reds continue to play Hamilton because they have no other outfielder who can consistently play CF. Peraza played it the first year here when he came up. He holds it down for a couple years until Trammel gets here.
  12. I am glad Harvey is pitching good, but I would trade him for prospects. I don’t think he will sign with the Reds in the offseason so get something for him.
  13. Why are Cincinnati fans so negative? We have one of the best hitters in the game and I see more people complaining about him instead of embracing him. Does anyone else think that the negativity of Marty and Thom Brennamen effect the fans of Cincinnati?
  14. If I was leading a shoe company and trying to get into the market against NIKE I would go after an elite guard. Kids will relate to a high flying guard or a great 3 point shooter. Kids can not relate to 2 big men like Ayton and Bagley.
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