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Not sure that there was anything definitive to prove this. Figured they adopted the abandoned baby, but the possibility that they are all three siblings dawned on me while I was laying in bed an hour after the show ended.


Good show to re-watch and pick up all the cues. Right after the firefighter tells the Dad about the abandoned baby, he offers Dad a cigarette. Smoking in a hospital? They then pan to others with leisure suits on and 70's / 80's hair. Cronkite & the Ayatollah Khomeni are on the TV and others are smoking in the hospital. Prior to that, all the scenes with the Dad & Mandy Moore are "timeline" neutral.


When the biological father gets blankets in what is presumably the daughters' room, there is a signed poster for The Manny and it is signed "Uncle Kevin" (showing he is obviously the brother of the adopted guy celebrating his birthday.)


They show the 3 kids in 3 bassinets when they were all celebrating their 3rd birthdays with matching outfits and Dad and Mandy Moore are looking over them.


Then the overweight sister (not necessarily using that term to describe her physically, but because that is what her journey has been about in this episode) talks to The Manny actor about what their Dad used to say about "sour lemons" being turned into something "resembling lemonade" -- which is the story the OB/GYN told the Dad after the 3rd triplet didn't make it.


Not sure where, but there was a picture of the 3 siblings together on a desk as well.


Pretty good "trick" for the Pilot. Wonder if they can keep it up. Assume they are going to jump back & forth between eras or there would be no reason to have Mandy Moore and a recognizable actor (Jess from Gilmore Girls) playing the part of the parents.

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So it must have just been my wife and I that "missed it" in episode 1.


The couple that had the babies. Current time with some flashbacks or are they entirely a flashback?


I believe they are entirely flashback and parents of all three birthday characters.


Darn. Not sure how I missed that. My daughter said the same.


Yea really cool how they did that. I liked it, the kind of stuff you wish everyone had in them.

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