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  1. By Votto standards; by 1B standards; by batting 3rd or 4th on any team standards; by salary standards -- take your pick. I think Votto would admit he was paid at least 2x his performance level last year. I'm a huge fan of Votto, but there is little doubt that he had a "pedestrian" year.
  2. 6 HRs per game is a bit of an ask, don't you think?
  3. They have the best recipe I've seen. Mound and home plate are dirt and everything else is turf. I love JPat, but I think the value gained by dirt home plate greatly exceeds the minimal extra upkeep. I've never talked to anyone that likes the turf mounds (like at Florence Freedom), but they minimize upkeep and increase likelihood of playing.
  4. Given the Americans with Disabilities implications, I expect he was paid something extra upon departure and released any claims he may have had.
  5. This. They would have been much better off getting off to a slow start and seeming slightly above average after the UK loss. Instead, they looked VERY competitive / should have won tough games against TN and Marquette and did win games against Michigan St. and Seton Hall. The loss at IU seemed better than it actually ended up being as the season went on. Even the cluster at Pitt was salvaged by a late run to push it into OT and then quickly forgotten because of the blowout at UNC. If you had to pick a high point of the season, and where it started going south afterward, that would be the
  6. Enoch good but didn't get the ball enough. Nwora hit some tough shots. Defense was not great as MN picked them to death. Expect to see at least a little bit of 1-3-1 in the 2nd half. MN pressed only 1 possession that I recall. Missed opportunity in my book. If MN shoots like they did at the outset (1-7 or 8 from 3), UofL should have a chance. If they shoot like they did from then (5-7 or 8 from 3), it will be an uphill battle. Offense looks lost. Might as well try to run some transition before defense gets established. MN was 2-6 on FT, but UofL failed to rebound 2 of them and M
  7. McMahon is in a prolonged slump (or maybe just isn't very good). When you are in a slump, work for better shots. Don't force 3s from even further out or in a worse position. He serves only 1 purpose - spot up 3s. If he can't make those, he's a liability (defensively, offensively away from the ball, offensively driving, offensively assisting, etc.) Hope he gets hot for 6 games.
  8. Definitely will be on the increase. You need the right kind of roster to figure out how to maximize the usage based on how many "true starters" you have. I'm guessing things will get "cheeky" and may force a rules change at some point. Can see some managers putting a guy who pitched 3 innings the prior day as their starting P in order to take away some of the advantage the other manager has in knowing who the starter will be to set his lineup. You know the starter is not likely to actually start, so who do you plan your matchups for? RHP? LHP?
  9. The article I shared above says 2011 UConn was 19 O and 15 D, so Top 20 in both.
  10. This article (What does Kenpom tell us about Past Champions? - VU Hoops) suggests it is Top 20.
  11. Same old story. Either magically it all clicks and they make some postseason noise OR they continue to have sparks but not a full 40 minutes and they bow out somewhere. Regardless, things are back on the right track and this team exceeded expectations by A LOT.
  12. Chicken little rises again. John Oliver did a good deep dive on this on SUN and concluded people need to focus on doing "a series of non-routine tasks that require social intelligence, complex critical thinking, and creative problem-solving." It is often pointed out that people analyze how many "current" jobs will be lost to automation. We all know great examples, laborer on a farm before tractors and fertilizer, assembly line e/e at a car plant before robots took those jobs, pay-phone manufacturer / service person, TV repairman, etc. Too often those skeptics don't also count the
  13. I don't buy that. Prior to the UNC game at home, they had solid efforts in most every game except @ Pitt, late v BC and maybe v UK (and UK's defense had a lot to do with that) Tennessee - in the game and could have won it Marquette - should have won it Sparty - won @ Seton Hall - won (recall they beat UK) @ IU - lost by 1 (IU looked better when that game was played) Lipscomb - beat a sneaky good team @ Pitt - mostly a "no show"; maybe the 1st inkling that this team had a "Mr. Hyde" lurking; however, this was the reverse of the Mr. Hyde that is now firmly in place; team played
  14. Not like there are any video cameras in casinos or anything.
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