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  1. Highlands offense has struggled because they refuse the put the best player on the field. Huddy needs to be part of the offensive game plan. He doesnt need to be in all of the time, but he has to be a wrinkle in the playbook that D coaches have to prepare for. They NEVER practice with him on O, so I don’t look for this to change anytime soon. We heard all offseason about a couple of the best guys going both ways but up to this point, no one has done it. Maybe not in the cards, or maybe they just haven’t used it yet...
  2. England had 27 yards against Highlands with about 15 of the them coming late in the 4th against Highlands reserves. He never could escape the birds Dline and LB group. Unless Lex Cath has the Scott County O-line, I don't expect them to be able to run with success against HHS.
  3. Is Lex Cath is a good team? Will it be a “good” win if HHS gets a win?
  4. Thanks for the clarification. This tells a different story.
  5. Given the fact that Ryle put up 36 on Lex Cath, I’ll take Highlands by 14+. No way HHS D gives up more than 30 points and it doesn’t look like teams struggle to score on LC. Great special teams and creating turnovers have been in the Birds favor all year.
  6. You predicted Cooper would beat Highlands. You predicted CC would beat Highlands. You predicted Highlands would beat Ryle by 7... Ugh, the Birds won all of those games by a total of 110-17. These teams averaged just over 5 points/game. All of these teams you thought were “good enough” to beat Highlands until after the game.
  7. If they do, they should be ranked #1. Has a KY team ever defeated 2 Cincy GCL powers in the same year?
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