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  1. You do realize they are talking about an incident from like 1910 and the documentary is around 30 years old. The guy who did the documentary went out and hunted for people who met the criteria for the image that he wanted to portray. He even took some underage teenagers out and got them drunk and filmed them without their knowledge of what he was doing. You could go to any town in the country and come out with the same result.
  2. The incident has absolutely nothing to do with race anyway. I guess people have to play that up for whatever agenda they may have.Any player(red, yellow, black or white as the song goes) on any team who came to the opposing bench after that kind of loss would have received the same treatment from that player. The way Taylor has been treated by some people since that happened is just way beyond anything he said. I guess double standards are something that you just have to learn from and live with.
  3. No it's not. Ask the minority kids who go to school at Corbin and their families how they like it and how they are treated and then et back to me.
  4. So you believe that Corbin does not have any black fans that sit in the stands and cheer for them? I guarantee you that it's nothing like you believe.
  5. Probably because of his bad attitude. Sitting on his own bench away from the other team should have been the best place for him to be.
  6. So what was his mom doing sitting with the Corbin fans? I guess he accidentally found his way directly in front of the Corbin player who has a bad attitude and had probably had words with each other during the game.:sssh: This doesn't pass the smell test though. The Corbin kid did more wrong than anyone else.
  7. There was no calculated plan to take Central out of their game? Where did that come from? There were a couple of Redhound players who showed their rear ends, but Central had some as well. I have watched Corbin and Central play each other 4 or 5 times and have never seen any more discipline problems out of them than any other team, probably less than average. Now on the other hand, Corbin has been a little too undisciplined at times over the last couple of years compared to most of their recent past teams.
  8. 1. Corbin kid started the fight, but it's not surprising that he did. He may have been told to stay on the sideline considering his temper problems in the past. It's just unfortunate that the Central player happened to come to the Corbin sideline, but no excuse for the Corbin kid's actions and he was the clear instigator in most people's opinion. He's not a bad kid and is a really good student, but may need some anger management classes. 3. He came flying end and appeared to try and punch someone, believe he may have been blindsided after that. He paid the price as he did take some stomps and kicks after getting knocked down. 4. A Corbin teammate pulled him away from the Central players and they wrestled around on the ground with each other because one thought the other was acting like a punk. These two are actually the best of friends. I see 6 kids who should get suspensions from everything that I have seen, although I may not have seen it all either.
  9. The 2 school systems have been in contact with each other, with both accepting blame and apologizing to the other, which is a good start. It wouldn't surprise me to see the KHSAA levy fines against both schools and have suspensions for 7 or 8 players.
  10. I'm hoping for the sake of the kids that it doesn't get dragged into the legal system for 4-5 of them. The 6 or 8 kids involved should be punished by their schools and the KHSAA.
  11. There is virtually no chance that any player could possibly hear anything said from the stands at Corbin's field. I normally stand in front of the coaches wives along the fence and I have never heard anything. Now, with that said, they shouldn't be trying to heckle players even if they cannot hear it.
  12. They probably got it right, although Georgia and Ohio St. are better teams than Notre Dame and Oklahoma in my opinion.:popcorn:
  13. It did not show the first 20-30 seconds of video that I saw. The Corbin player that was knocked down from behind and repeatedly kicked and stomped by 5 players could have been seriously hurt.
  14. From what I have heard from a couple of players, nothing any different going on during the game that doesn't happen in most games. Said there were a couple of defensive players taking cheap shots, but said there are usually a couple on every team, except for Bell Co., who they say had several. They also said they had a lot of respect for the Central players and program The one Corbin kid who would be most likely to be involved just happened to be the one that the other player taunted and would have reacted the same whether it would have been Whitley Co. or Central on the other sideline. He should have just allowed him to have his moment and ignored him, but made the wrong decision. Teenagers do stupid things at times though, and a few did.
  15. One of their guards weighs 170 and the other 265. The center is also kind of small, weighing in at 195.
  16. I agree with Haddix on going for the 2 point conversion. Corbin was able to move the ball down the field on Central, but struggled inside the red zone. Central was not able to sustain drives, but had success when getting to the red zone. I didn't have a problem in not kicking the field goals either. I may have ran Yeager[would have liked for he and Longmire to get more touches in the game as well}on some of those plays, but that's easy to say after the play called didn't work. They had subbed those defensive players in on offense all year on short yardage and it had worked each time before. The field goal at the end was a lot less likely to be successful than Estep throwing it to the end zone a couple of times in my opinion, but they know the kicker's range a lot better than I do.
  17. I'm not sure what they were thinking on the FG, was 100% sure it was going to be a fake. That was at least 10 yards out of his range. Congrats to Central who stopped Corbin 3 different times in the red zone, can't have that many missed opportunities against a great defense. It came back and bit them in the end.
  18. Central has come out on the better end of the officiating for the most part so far...
  19. Smart play by the Central defender grabbing the WR's jersey, which probably saved a TD.
  20. They have lost their aggressiveness, better get it back along with the momentum soon.
  21. Huge penalty on Corbin after it looked as though they had stopped Central on 4th down.
  22. Was that a completed catch for Central? The ball came out as soon as he hit the ground, although the high school rule may be different.
  23. That no call probably cost the Hounds a TD. That could loom large.:angrybird8:
  24. How was that not pass interference on Central down inside the 10?
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